Sexual Abuse big time by a Parent

     I was married to a woman back in the end of the 1970s, who came from Pittsburgh, Pa. while I wa sin the U.S.Navy, her parents used to live in a town called Wexford. 

As our marriage went on within the first six months I met her parents and siblings on numerous trips top Pittsburgh, to visit. Since we were married by a Justice of the Peace they wouldn’t let us sleep in the same room at night, until we were married by a Priest, which did later. As our marriage went along we had two daughters and two of everything by 1988.  By 1989 I was injured and could not do the job, I enlisted for anymore aboard ship, so the Navy Doctors Discharged me on July 24th, 1989. Right after my discharge I went out trying to find a job and came home to find my wife crying on the kitchen phone. when I asked what she was crying about she at first refused to tell me, when she hung up she finally did.

Her mother found out after all those years, that her husband had sexually molested all four of his children as she was working over the years. I wanted my wife to report him to the authorities, she refused saying she still loved him and he was her father. I couldn’t do a thing to make her do anything about it at the time. Little would I imagine how far it would affect others in the family including me. The mother divorced the father immediately upon learning of it and moved out on her own taking her youngest son with her.

In the end the results went like this, the father went to Florida and ran away, the mother lived with her son and took me and my wife and kids in for a bit. Without realizing what was happening, one daughter got divorced and has been divorced 5 times because of this,our marriage ended and so did the parents marriage all within two years. The boys have problems in more ways then one and the youngest sleeps in womens night gowns each night and will never be married.


 I ended up accused of sexual abuse against my own daughter which never happened and I fought it from day one, and had it dropped to a misdemeanor on Virginia Beach, Va. where I was tried, the year of my divorce 1992. In the end I lived with the misdemeanor on my record till my daughter confessed it all online to me in facebook messenger. I have her statement to me saved in my e-mail now. It reads like this:


Nobody’s life here is ruined what the hell are you talking about. I admitted my faults to Lyn and Kayla…that’s between us! And I am so damn tired of hearing how fucked up the family is! Don’t you think I know??? This is my apology to you! Im sorry that as a little girl people (ADULTS) fucked with and twisted my head up to make me believe shit that didn’t happen!!!! Im sorry that I HAD NO CONTROL of my childs mind but not anymore!!! Im not defending anyone but myself! I was a fucking child when this shit happened! What do YOU not understand about that? I don’t deal with Leslie AT ALL and rarely talk with mom.  The problem between us is you come back into my life and acted like we didn’t miss a beat. You talk to me and treat me like the child I used to be. I am a grown woman with a family not a child! And then you pulled that shit where you showed Leslie my texts to you! Who’s the adult here??? What were you trying to gain from that??? There is too much fucking drama and too many damn games being played.

So here is my problem, should someone report this man who destroyed so many people’s and family members lives, and if I were to report it the time limits are way beyond. What should one do in this case?



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