Presidential Race for White House 2016/ Candidates and Thoughts

      Sadly ladies and gentlemen, we are now seeing the Republican plan to stop Hillary Rodham Clinton from become President, they are throwing everyone they possibly can up for their parties nomination. So many of these people don’t even have any experience of any kind in the political world never mind in the Federal Government. Others who do that are running on the republican side, have no business running period for they are foolish.

Look let’s face some facts ok, not a one of the Republican Candidates have any where near the experience, knowledge and skills of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Secondly, none of them have a back-up behind them as good as William Jefferson Clinton the former President.  With Hillary you will get a two for one deal that can’t go wrong, believe me!.

         Hillary wants to help the low and middle classes obtain status and jobs and education. She believes in Health Care for all and will keep Obama Care in place, she won’t attack Social Security or Medicaid or Medicare. Unemployed will get help finding jobs, for she will create jobs and restore manufacturing to the USA, she will change Fair Trade Laws and change the ratio of the imports and exports, to America’s favor. The Chinese and Japanese are ruling there now, because Americans can’t afford to make those products as cheap as they do. Hillary can change that folks, give her a chance!.

Before you elect a Republican this time folks stop and think clearly, they want to get rid of Social Security and phase it out, not extend it. They want to kill Obama Care and make you pay more to be insured sad isn’t it. They want to take stronger stands against ISIS and Al Qaeda, and i have no objection to that myself but not at the expense of American troops and military costs that are escalating at an unbelievable rate. Check the Billions already by the American Government now in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran and the Middle East period, the numbers are crazy. Check the dead and wounded, and what are they fighting for, people who don’t care and won’t even defend themselves, wake up!

          I have a solution to it all that would work just fine folks. America is already involved in so many Middle East conflicts and countries, trying always to defend and protect others, isn’t it time we stopped? Pull our troops out and our military gear and weapons too, and our advisors. IT’s time America starts taking care of itself here at home. Put all that money to good work here at home, create manufacturing, and jobs,support Health care for all, and refinance Social security and Medicare and Medicaid. Americans are living longer folks and we need these programs to save and protect and help our own older generations. Who will take care of them if we don’t?

 Lets use some money to rebuild our infrastructure and roads and bridges. Lets use it to make College Education affordable for all and to feed our own hungry and get homes for our own homeless sleeping in our streets in cardboard boxes.Lets get help for our Homeless disabled Veterans with PTSD who lay in cardboard boxes in the cold and barely survive. Lets stop and help those walking the streets of America with signs like, Will work for food, will work for a place to sleep, and more. Isn’t it time America was put back on it’s feet in all ways? Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton President and Remember folks America is one of the few countries where our women are strong enough, reliable enough and strong enough to lead and do it right! Elect Hillary this time folks and you won’t regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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