Beginning to my Newest Story I am working on!/ Politics

This is The Forward first part,

Waterbury, Connecticut, is a small city by size but not by population, it carries it problems from corrupt politicians in its history, to gangsters and an Ex-Governor who was corrupt too, to hoodlums on the streets, who want to be gangsters or tough guys, but will never get there.

This is a story that begins with the birth of one such person, who believes he is smarter and more important than anyone else in the world and the city, he believes he is above the law and knows all the answers. The Truth is he doesn’t, and in the end this is the story of his so called childhood and why he is what he is and more. This is also, what happens to a hoodlum like  he is when he runs into a true man and a human being who will not take such shit from such a little person.

Opinions are welcome!


Politics leads the race for me this year so far, as I see republicans throwing so many candidates out their for the Presidency, that it is like throw em at the wall and hope one sticks, to beat Hillary Clinton. It’s sad really, the desperation that is coming from the Republican party about the 2016 election cycle. In The end america will pick the President to follow President Obama not based on stupid issues, or broad statements, but on the best candidate who can improve the job markets, economy, and who won’t cut benefits to Veterans and the poor and unemployed.  The one who improve Obama Care for all, handle foreign affairs properly and who has common sense and logic. I firmly do not believe the Republicans can produce such a candidate to match Hillary Clinton. she has strength in her positions, her honor to up hold and the countries face and pride too. she believes in education for all and equality, she believes all should have jobs who need them and she will work to bring back the manufacturing industry that made America Great. america wasn’t built on fights over immigration either we are based on it really, where do you think we all came from, all of us, except for the native americans who were natural top this land we live in. and we should honor them too, for they were here before us.

In the end ladies and gentlemen of America, we need Hillary Rodham Clinton as our leader, president and more. Any other thought should nopt even be entertained at this point in time in America, in my opinion.



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