Jim Croce/ Harry Chapin and Seals and Crofts/ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame !!!!

     I grew up in the 1970s for my teens attending High School in the 1970s from 70 to 74, in small town Naugatuck Connecticut. I would listen to tunes and chase girls for high school days like every red blooded american boy back then. Some of us were long haired and wise asses, some of us were book worms and some of us just average kids, influenced by those things around us including friends, relatives and yes music.

Many were influenced by Rock bands like Aero-Smith, Deep Purple, The Doors and more, me I was influenced by the three I call mellow rock and roll greats who are now overlooked. Sadly, Seals and Crofts, Jim Croce and Harry Chapin who paved the road for many are over looked and should not ever be.Yes , I grew up when a story teller as a song writer and singer meant something, listen to their songs folks, and you will find in my opinion, musical genesis and brilliance in it all.

I would sit in my room on the third floor of an old dutch colonial and the music playing and me singing loud and proud to it all, Songs now forgotten by many like Jim Croce’s I got a Name, You Don’y Mess Around with Jim, and Lover’s Cross, Chapin’s Taxi and Taxi sequel and  Seals and Crofts Summer Breeze and Diamond Girl and get lost in my fantasies and think about the friends and family I had and what i wanted in life. I would dream of places I wanted to go, people i wanted to be and what I could accomplish in life, to the tunes of these great artists. They paved a road for me to grow up on and to think about of peace, love, caring and more, and I followed them as closely as I could.

These people, Jim Croce, Harry Chapin and Seals and Crofts told life’s stories in songs and gave me the greatest entertainment and pleasure i had in my young life at the time. They all belong in The Rock and Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland, Ohio and remembered for the greatness they gave us all. To The Rock and Roll Community and The Hall of Fame I say elect all three in, and make them a big part of history!


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