Deflate-Gate/ M.L.B/ Politics

     Time to Discuss somethings going on in America right now and that will effect our future Americans.

Lets start with Deflate-gate in The NFL, do we really care here? We all know someone deflated the damn footballs and the proof gathered points to QB Tom Brady  and the team equipment managers. It matters not which one did it, one manager or the other they did it at the behest of Tom Brady period. Was it right no, did it help The Patriots win the game in question, I doubt it, because both teams played with the same damn footballs and the Colts lost by a large margin. But there is the little thing of breaking the rules and morals and ethics of the game, so Tom Brady will probably be hit with fines and a suspension of some sort. Once that is done and over with, all will be watched a lot more closely for sure.

Now, talking about cheating- lets take a good look at Major League Baseball, and it’s election of players to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. If Major League Baseball, allows the likes of Barry Bonds, and Mark McGuire, or A-Rod into the Hall of Fame they certainly should allow Pete Rose in.  Pete Rose made a human mistake of betting on baseball, but these others are using steroids and drugs and enhancements to further their own careers not Major League Baseball. They want into the Hall of fame so bad they can taste it, yet if The Commissioner allows them in, it will be enhanced players against those who did it normally and that is just wrong. Now that should take care of my beliefs regarding cheating in sports period, unless the sport is play au- natural they don’t belong in any hall of fame sorry. It’s unfair to the players before them who did it all natural. The Home Run King Title should be given back to Hank Arron too, he did his naturally period.

Time for politics folks: As The 2016 Election Cycle has begun, names are flying all over the place as candidates jockey for position in both parties and even third parties too.

We know Hillary Rodham Clinton is running and now she has some Democratic opponents to deal with. The Republicans and  The Tea Party it seems are throwing anyone they can up to oppose her, like throwing stuff against a wall to see if it sticks. The truth is there are no in my opinion any real candidates who can win on the Republican/Tea Party side at all. None have any experience, none have the integrity and honesty to win the Presidency in my opinion. sad isn’t it. So, do me a favor folks, take a long look ok, if you thing anyone can give you the experience, the knowledge or abilities of Hillary Rodham Clinton you let me know!




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