Avengers Review/ and Hillary

    The Avengers: Age of Ultron has hit the theaters  folks. It is a Fun filled, entertaining movie with a limited plot line. while they could have expanded the plot and story line, the special effects were great in this flick. It wasn’t as intense as the first Avengers, yet the characters in the story line are expanding some and growing in it. While the possibilities of a being being crated as an artificial intelligence has been around forever Marvel Comics gave in forms in their Ultron and Vision in this movie. Both Charactors show the difference between possible evil and good in opposite forms of nature. As a Grade I would give the movie about an A-, in my rating, for it lacked the reality factors it really needed. They kill off a speedster, in QuickSilver, in this flick, but people like The Black Widow and Hawkeye, live thru the greatest battle they have faced so far with no super powers or equipment, amazing what one can do with just fighting prowess and a quiver full of arrows huh?.  Anyway My grade for this movie is still A-, because I grew up on Marvel Comics and love them.


Next subject; Hillary Rodham Cinton and her run for the Presidency. Hillary deserves a chance to run this country folks, she has a life full of experiences, intelligence and common sense! She has the Former President as a husband and adviser too. It would be indeed a two for one package for America folks. Now I tire of many who run around saying a woman can’t run this country, that is just bullshit. I point out a few facts for all to know, even if history won’t admit it, Who ran the country when Roosevelt couldn’t, Eleanor is who! Who ran Reagan’s White House and the country when he suffered alzhiemers, Nancy Reagan is who. Martha Washington helped George, so don’t feed us crap about a woman not being capable ok. Anyway in the end many other countries like France, England, and Asia as well, as Middle Eastern countries have had female leaders of all kinds. It is time we do too we need Hillary Rodham Clinton now.Hillary_Rodham_Clinton-cropped


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