April 2015, Election upcoming, and Thoughts

       April of 2015 is slowly coming to an end folks and as it does Spring is a coming out finally. The Grass is turning green the air is cleaner and color blooms on the planet as it warms up some. Enjoy the warmer weather everyone, get out, fish, hunt,picnic, and play, swim when it’s warmer and party while ya can. Do the concerts and see the world and enjoy.

As the year continues on we are beginning to hear from candidates of all parties for President and the hunt for the White House is on. I remind all of you a few recent things to remember before you vote, 1) George W. Bush and his lack of leadership and knowledge and 2) Barrack Obama and his lack of experience in key areas that we have needed or his term. 3) The lack of action or assistance coming from a Republican Congress and Senate, and how they tried to shut down the government and did it once and will do it again if they don’t get their way like little children!

I ask this question Americans, do we want to go through another 4 or 8 years of a divided country and Government that stalemates each branch from doing anything, or do we want action?  I know Americans thought it was smart to divide the Government the way we did when it happened but what has it done for anyone of us? Not a damn thing folks, it has stopped us dead in the water, we have stagnated in place and nothing has been done for jobs, education, the economy, or even heath care and social security. aren’t you tired of threats to eliminate Social security, Medicare, Medicaid and benefits like Unemployment? aren’t you tired of hearing how one party is wrong or the other, and nothing happening for any of us? I know I am!

Before this year is over and we hit 2016, we need to decide whether we want to leave the Government divided or put it all in one direction again and get things done once more. The decision is ours America, if we continue to leave it all divided then we deserve what we get, which is nothing! Wake up and realize what we did, and why everything is lagging so bad and lets get it straight again. Lets get a Government that works together for us all and stop the bullshit that has been happening in Washington.


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