My Thoughts on the 2016 Election so far!

      Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for President one more time folks in this the 2016 Election cycle. If we as Americans don’t consider her due to her sex, or her husband’s bullshit then we are wrong and that is the truth simply.

Hillary is a strong individual with a brain and smarts and experience in many areas America needs now in this day and age! Anyone thinking otherwise is stupid not to see it. Then of course there will be the objections of Hillary Clinton doing things she was instructed to do by President Obama during her term as Secretary of State, that is  bullshit too, he is the President and she worked for him and did as told that is in the jobs description folks. She didn’t make the decisions he did and she acted upon his orders so don’t go there Republicans!

I want to address this objection of sex in this election and the fear a woman like Hillary Clinton can’t run the country and get things done. If women have been running homes, families, raising children, taking care of their lovers and friends all their lives they sure as hell can deal with running the country. If you have any doubts lets discuss Martha Washington, Nancy Reagan and of course Eleanor Roosevelt among so many. Women in history have run many nations and governments and we as Americans are so far beyond the rest of the world, we look stupid.

That Addressed, lets discuss the Republicans and the fact they are gonna put up everyone they can to try to take votes from Hillary if they can and not a one of them so far, can hold a candle to Hillary for experience, knowledge, abilities and communication skills. Nor are they as respected  by other countries as Hillary is. Lets face some facts folks, Marco Rubico doesn’t have solutions or plans,  Rand Paul doesn’t and certainly not Jeb Bush in my opinion. I don’t care who makes plans they may present, they have no experience in implementing them or knowing what will really work. and quite frankly I don’t trust republicans to do so. Ted Cruz to me is a laughing stock and idiot in my book, he shut down the government for his own purposes and tried a second time to do so costing us millions. So so far in my opinion they have no one responsible enough to hold the office.

As this Presidential; Election cycle gets underway here in The United States, Americans have to wake up to the fact Hillary Rodham Clinton is the best choice period at this time to run the country. Many will say the Clinton family is trying to start a Dynasty, but that’s bullshit too. As you listen to her speak about her thoughts, her ideas, and her plans for the country compare the way she carries herself to others, her intelligence in the conversations, the way she communicates, her stands , not Obama’s or her husbands. But I give her credit for she will have her Husband as an adviser and President Obama too, the bottom line is the Republicans will never have anyone on her level that can match her period. One other thing to remember folks if you elect Hillary as president, you should give her a congress to back her fully too. For the past eight years Republicans have sat on their damn hands and done not a thing about our economy, jobs,healthcare, and they have threatened Obama care, medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. They shut down the Government once to try to get their way and still they want to keep going? I think there should be a change in Congress, The Speaker should go, he is lazy, unable to control his people and easy for republicans to push around. His opinions suck period and his inability to act in a proper manner should be taken into consideration. Should the Speaker of the House and Majority be stopping progress and bills to create jobs, Education, benefits for seniors and Veterans, and healthcare? Is this a party, the Republican Party that deserves to run our country and hold the White House plus Congress? I think not!

  I will listen to all the candidates as they present themselves and their ideas to the nation and attempt to win votes, because I am actually an Independent and believe in making my own decision for myself. But I promise you all one thing, The Republicans will have such a hill to climb in my opinion they should concede the election and get down to work repairing their own party. In my book they don’t deserve a chance to win the White House in 2016, not only that but most of them in Congress and the Senate should be removed from office too, for being so damn stupid as to stalemate the country so many times in the last 7 going on eight years of Obama’s Administration.


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