Americans need to Wake up! Before It’s Too Late!

     Americans need to Wake up! Before It’s Too Late!

As we get closer to the next Presidential election, we need to take a hard look at our economy, lack of jobs, battles over Obama Care, Social security, and homelessness and so much more. Are we scared to elect someone who will fix these things, because the rich just keep getting richer, the poorer , poorer, and the middle class gets squeezed right to the poverty level by overpaying taxes, and not being able to save a dime. Sad isn’t it folks?

Congressman and Senators get rich and famous stealing and using our money for their own purposes, to keep them in office everyday. While Americans who try to work for a living and get by, can’t get healthcare, can’t get welfare, can’t get unemployment, or find jobs, why is that?  It’s because our politicians don’t worry about you or I, if you can’t donate to their reelection your not noticed folks, believe me.

They all claim to be representing you and me, when in fact they are representing big business, or themselves and their own bank accounts and passbooks get filled. Stop and think, when you elected a politician they weren’t elected in fancy suits and ties or gowns they were elected in regular clothing and driving economy-cars. Now They drive big cars, have security around them, dress fancy and go to all big events and do no work for it too. Sad isn’t it?

I have heard too many promises out of politicians who ran for President in my lifetime, but few who actually did accomplish anything in office. I was born in 1956, Ike was President, followed By Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford and so many more. I have been around going on six decades and myself, my family, my friends are no richer, or better off then in the 1950s under Ike. Tell me why that is so, yet a loaf of bread went from twenty cents a loaf to almost four dollars a loaf in the same time span. Explain that one folks, a comic used to cost a nickel a shot now go, 3.99 a comic, plus tax ? Why?  because we have politicians who, allow these increases and thing nothing about the average and poor people in America.  Our Homeless Population has quadrupled over the years with people sleeping in alleys and cardboard boxes, veterans roam our streets living in pain ans silence because they can’t get help, yet they can serve their country right? Wake the hell up folks! 

When the debates start for both parties this year, lets ask some very important questions of these politicians running for the highest office in the country and see what their answers come out as. 

 1) How will you create jobs for the American People?

2) Will you help the average american, middle-class or lower level, find jobs, get educated and make ends meet?

3) Can you extend the Unemployment for those unable to find jobs and stimulate the job market and if so how will you do it, outline a plan?

4) Americans should remember we screwed ourselves by dividing the Excutive Branch and congress the way we did in the last two elections, should we back up our President witha congress that will help them improve things for us?

5) Before you go pull your lever and elect someone, stop and think of those in office, who right now have opposed anything for the middle class and lower and vote em out!

               6) You want to improve Congress and America Don’t elect rand Paul President or Ted Cruz, both oppose things that help the middle and lower class in america, Cruz even went sop far as shutting down our government for his own agenda, do you want someone like that running the country?

                7) Americans should target for removal from office John Boehner  he can’t do a damn thing in Congress, has no control over his party and says and does stupid shit or nothing at all and stalemates progress!

Final Say folks for today from me, If Americans, want jobs, they need healthcare, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare saved and a possibility of a better future and economy we need a candidate who can come up with answers, not politicians full of hot air and promises they can never fulfill!

Wake Up Americans, for the rich are getting richer, the poor poorer and the middle class in between is being squeezed out and made poor by being over taxed, under paid, and under cared about!


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