Politics and Taxes folks, and Hillary!

Welcome to a week, of politics and taxes as I call it. First and foremost folks pay your damn taxes and keep America going, second get ready for announcements of candidates running for President. 

Uncle Sam will come get your home or belongings or you if your taxes don’t get paid so, file a damn extension if you have to ok.

Politics in America is about to begin it’s big show once more, the run for the Presidency of the United States. Among those already running is Ted Cruz, which to me is a joke in all ways, he shut down the government once as a Senator and now he wants to run the Executive Branch, hell no is my response to him. get the hell off the stage idiot.

Today Rand Paul will pop his head up and take a shot at running for the lands highest office, is he serious really or is he just doing what dear old dad wants done? Rand Paul is no where near ready for the job or position and will be laughed off the main stage fast, I am sure. Yet these republicans will put anyone up for the job to derail and stop Hillary Rodham Clinton from getting it, because of the female factor. She scares the Republicans period and we all know it, is she a hawk or a dove folks? They don’t know the republicans, but the democrats who will run her do, and believe she will do a great job if she gets in.

HIllary Rodham Clinton is what we need folks, a stable mind would do it for us all. She will have a husband who has been there to back her up for advise, her experience as Secretary Of State leaves her the most experienced to deal with other countries. Her past running for the office also showed her to be brilliant in many ways and she would not back down to any opponent.  The real kicker though folks is this, she may be the first woman to hold the title of President if elected, but not the first to run the United States of America. Please Understand that fact, for that honor is owned by women who stood by their man in office and took over when they couldn’t do it anymore.  say hello to some of the greatest women in the world folks, Martha Washington, Eleanor  Roosevelt, Nancy Reagan, for a few. As their husbands suffered from killing diseases in office, these women took over and made the important choices, need to be made in the name of their husbands. Check history carefully and you will see, so isn’t it time to have a woman President like many other nations in the world. The Germans have theirs, the Israels had their in Golda Meir, the African Nations have theirs and we should have Hillary as ours. 

            If a woman can run a house, run a family, run a job, have compassion, understanding, stand the stress and tension of having a child and raising them while putting up with a husband too, they can sure as hell  can run a country.  Hillary has compassion, she has honor, she has respect, she has knowledge and intelligence, she has experience and she has a husband who has been there before her to advise and help her as needed. 

Stop and Think America

       Vote for Hillary


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