Loneliest Job in The World !

What is the loneliness job in the world folks? I can tell you this one it is The Presidency of The United States and it makes no difference the color, age or sex of the person filling it, or the time and date in history, it just is.  The Presidents of the past and beginning of our country proved it and it has been proven by each following one, too. George Washington the first of these died a lonely man on his estate in Virginia, Jefferson died in his home on a farm alone with his slaves, Adams died the same day as Jefferson and each stated the country would have the other as they did. Stop and think of the responsibilities of the job and the intense stress, tension and passion it must take from a person. The choices they must make are the biggest in the world and in our country which believe it or not is still relatively young compared to most.

It has to be lonely to sit and judge whether to push the button that can blow up the world or start a new world war. Or to decide what to do in weather emergencies when people need help or what countries to help fight against others. ever wonder how patriotic  a president must be, if you want to see go look at Washington’s Monument, Jefferson’s, or Lincoln’s, or at Grants Tomb. Or watch videos of The Nixon Presidency and it’s triumphs and failures, rise and falls, or The Kennedy Administrations affect on America and the world and his ultimate assassination had.  Ronald Reagan’s shooting, or even his health in office and who really ran the country then, his wife Nancy. Then we have the gall as Americans, to wonder if a female can run the country? Sad isn’t it?  They already have run the country women, they were just never acknowledged for doing so and should be. Don’t we all think it’s time for a Woman to lead America forward in History and for the same kindness, hardness and strength, it takes to give birth, raise children and be a wife and love totally to lead? Women have some great strengths which men fail to have a lot of compassion,determination, and empathy. It is indeed time for an American woman to be elected President and to be able to stand up and honor us with her leadership, intelligence and compassion and beliefs. While we widdle down the final days of President Obama’s terms in office, isn’t it time to look at a woman as a predecessor to him. One who can follow and change and lead and honor our country and it’s people and one who is respected world wide, abroad and at home. It is indeed time for Hillary Rodham Clinton to break the glass ceiling and to reach her destiny in my opinion.  Make no mistake folks, none of the coming Republican candidates will have the talent, knowledge or experience she does.  Would you really elect a Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or someone you never heard of before to run your country, I think not. We shall see what is next for Americans everywhere soon. But also remember one thing no matter what, who ever wins, must have the right knowledge, experience, talent, and communication skills and advisers who can help them make the right choices. for the American Presidency is the loneliest job ion the World, indeed.


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