Easter Holiday Weekend/ and Truths

     The Easter Holiday is upon us all in the World. The day so many celebrate the Birth, and Death of Jesus Christ and the Founding of God for Catholics.  Before I go any further with the Holiday, I want to remind people religion is a touchy subject for all and I must be careful with what I say.

For many we celebrate a supreme being whether it be Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, or any other being mankind has named a God. In the end the final solution is no matter what religion we all believe in a creator or supreme being that we came from, but is it the truth or is the Big Bang the truth, a penny for your thoughts on that one folks! While so many believe in Jesus and The Catholic Faith, someone please tell me why the Catholic religion guided by a Bible and Beliefs handed down through centuries is responsible for so many  pedophiles and problems in the world and refuses to face it.

That said and done, who was Jesus and where did he come from and while we are at it who wrote the Holy Bible so many follow faithfully? Mankind wrote it folks, they wrote chapter and verse for it and compiled it over time and in the end decided what they wanted in it too and what they didn’t want in it. While I honor the stories told in it, as I was taught as a child, I also wonder why, the books of Mary were thrown out, Judas’s books too. Why because they didn’t fit the book’s theme the Church wanted pushed forward and followed. If something disagreed with the stories told it was pushed aside or thrown away. I know hard to believe.

Easter today is celebrated with Lent and things people give up for it, Good Friday is followed by no meat eating , The Wednesday before is Ash Day, and The Sunday is a Celebration filled with big meals, chocolate bunnies and eggs all colored and family gatherings. But is that what it should be or not, ask yourselves that question ok or has it all been commercialized to such a point we don’t get the truth anymore? In the end as you Celebrate Easter, ask yourself are you celebrating a Religious Holiday about someone who died on the cross for your sins, or are you Celebrating a Bunny who jumps on the earth and gives out eggs of all kinds and laughter and joy? You Tell me!



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