Tax Season/Environmental Problems/Politics

    April 2,nd is here folks, tax season has come once more as the 15th looms. Uncle Sam will want their fair share once more and will hit the middle class and lower class with taxes, the upper class will never pay, sadly it is unfair. yet, in America someone has to pay the bills right, well why not take that money mote from the Billionaires and millionaires then the lowly peons we be? And what about our well off and well paid politicians, who are doing nothing in Congress to turn the country around, period, shouldn’t they pay too?

My firm belief is the American Government has protected the rich too damn long and they need to pay their fair share and take some of the burden off the lower classes these days. They jet around the world and country having fun as the worker bees, have a hard time buying a home, eating or dressing and taking care of our kids. Why, is that folks?

The rich get richer and the poor poorer, and in between the middle class gets squeezed for the money they don’t have to take care of it all. Sad Isn’t it? I mean really, how much more blood can you squeeze out of the middle class before there is no more middle class to take from? You tell us, you big ass Politicians who get paid hundreds of thousands a year for sitting on your asses and saying no to everything that could help the country because you don’t like the opposing party and want to look tough and in charge. where are the jobs? when will the economy turn around once more fully? Where and when will we stop fighting wars for other countries? When will America learn as powerful and lucky as we have been, that the first priority should be taking care of our own?  As we go forward in 2015, a year I never thought I would live to see, for I will be 60 in January of 2016, and i have survived cancer now, it seems American Politicians need to get the damn message and take care of our people, country, economy period first and foremost. Stop paying to police other  countries or fighting s others wars, we must grasp a hold on the Economy at home, at healthcare, fix social security and Obama Care and feed, cloth and educate our own and prepare for an uncertain future in this world. The environment is ruined and we do nothing to make it better or to slow it down, why? Are we as Americans or as humanity in the world stupid enough to believe we did nothing to see it fail us or to damage it, come off of it folks! Icebergs melt at the poles, oceans rise, polar bears face extinction as do many animals, as the oceans rise the land mass will deplete also, so it will encroach up the coasts of America as well as other countries too. As the land masses decrease where will mankind live then and the animals and produce we depend on live? How will we feed ourselves and the animals and plants we need to survive? You all tell me?

I know many will think I am just ranting and raving again and I sound like a fool, or like I do not know what I am saying, but, you better look closely folks, because it is slowly happening across the globe we live on.   

Last things for today folks; 2015 is moving forward faster and Obama’s term is coming to an end, and so is Congresses too. as politicians move on and retire and we look for a new leader in 2016 in all areas, we should remember somethings. One Obama tried, he was blockaded and stopped by a Republican Congress, who did so out of spite and anger at losing the White House to him. Two, Congress and it’s leadership needs to be changed period, we can’t continue to allow a Republican Congress or for that matter a Democratic Congress to stop a forward motion in america. Sadly, we have important decisions to make for all of us and the good of our country coming up. Lets not make the same mistake twice folks, if we put a Republican in the White House or a Democrat, lets give then support in Congress to make things happen, or we shall lay dormant like a rug and the country and it’s people will suffer more!


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