Compromise/ survivial

Violence, rages across the world, wars rising and independents like ISIS, trying to make a country for themselves, that will never happen. Sad but true, the world is a violent place, planes crashing, disappearing and flying into mountains and so much more. Mall shooting, murders in homes, and in woods and fields. Sports heroes become murderers and rapists and so much more. what the hell is going on in this world folks and why? Someone tell me what is going so wrong that people, don’t want to leave their own properties or homes, for fear someone will harm them!

Many Americans are on medical drugs for depression, and mental problems these days, stress, tension, lack of work and pay checks or places to live lead them to desperate moves and decisions. What is happening not only in america but the world, where innocents are rounded up and executed by ISIS and others beheadings and so much more. Sadly violence grows and peace does not these days, what is causing the violence and desperation from people everywhere?

Much of what is happening goes back to an old saying spare the rod, spoil the child. Believe it or not, few don’t understand the real parenting a child needs and they coddle and protect children who need discipline and guidance more than any thing else. Discipline starts at home as does moral and ethical behaviors and so much more. Honesty, truth, family, home, and belonging all drive a person to grow up balanced instead of unwanted and angry. Love from both parents no matter what, is vital to people growing to adulthood who can deal with the world in a proper way, without going off and killing anyone.

Home is where you learn manners, respect, morals, values and you way in the world. You respect your elders, you learn to respect your parents, your siblings, control your language and how to interact with others in a proper fashion. We all learn at home those things that should affect how we interact with each other on the planet, we must learn to get along no matter what we want, or need and help the planet to survive longer at the same time. If the people of the world want to live in peace, prosperity and get along, we must all learn one thing which every parent should teach their children now, Compromise! 

Compromise, solves major problems in the world between animals, people and the environment too. Adjustments must be made folks, and we must all survive. There should be a way to make it work for all nationalities, races,sexes, religions and more. Stop and think before you judge another, would you want someone to treat you the way you treat others, if not than your messing up. we all breathe, we all bleed, we all eat, and we all trying to survive in a world filled with so many things we can’t control trying to kill us, diseases,weather,and so much more, do we really need to be launching weapons at one another and destroying not only populations, but the planet we live on. Wake Up, out there, the world sustains us and we destroy it daily in wars and so much more, wake the hell up.!

In The end whether you are America, Syria, Israel, the middle east, the western hemisphere and Africa and the southern Countries in South America, or Korea, and anyone else, I remind you all now, Compromise will save lives, Compromise will keep earth going, the environment, the air we breath, and all of us going! Compromise is the only way we can all understand and peacefully survive with each other on a planet filled with so many diverse people and religions and cultures. Learn it, understand it, use it, and we all live longer in peace and prosperity, and can help those who live in poverty! Compromise folks, lets live and go forward as one human race.


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