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Today’s Subject will be Politics. I see it everyday, on TV, CNN, Fox News. CBS, ABC, NBC, all are gearing up for the 2016 Election Cycle and waiting to see who declares a run for the White House.  So far, we have heard from Ted Cruz of Texas that he is running, why I have no idea, this is one conservative, and Republican who shouldn’t run. He already shut down the Government once over Obama Care and now he is on it. A little bit of  contradiction yes and a bit of a  hypocrite ! He isn’t ready for the Presidency and opnly threw his hat ion the ring to be an antagonist to anyone else who may run.

I see names pop up like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and more, yet all are Republicans not worth their weight in salt and too conservative or stupid to run their own offices never mind the country. Lets face some facts here now, We have had 8 years by the time the election hits of a republican run Congress in both Houses, that has not moved one bit toward, improving our economy, jobs, health care or any other damn thing. Stalemate has been their thing and they are proud of it and believe they are right, President Obama is this or that, and a bad President, bullshit!.

As President Obama heads towards the end of his final term in office, yes his record is not perfect and he would admit to it himself, yet he is no where the worse President we have had in my lifetime. Some believe the way to stop Hillary Clinton is to play up her association with President Obama, the truth is Hillary earned her position as Secretary of State, it wasn’t handed to her. Plus, If we were to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton as President of the United States, we get her life long experience as a woman, homemaker, mother, Senator, wife of a President, education and we would have the Ex-President as her adviser in case of trouble. I do not see a better choice in the coming election period!

Politics in America, has been a chess game for the past 8 years, and because Americans believed they needed to put a check on President Obama, they filled both Houses of Congress with Republicans and it did not pay off folks. What we have had for 8 years, is a stalemate process and a Republican Party that only wanted to stop Obama period at any cost, and that cost has also hit the American people and their wallets and benefits too. Sadly, I still am not sure if the American People realize what they have done to themselves. I just pray all Americans will wake up and realize our United States is in it’s current status and position, due to their votes and only their votes. I think it is time, Americans woke up and looked at their own financial status, the job market, exports and imports and noticed we have too many empty factories, stores and malls in America.

Final Word for today folks, I am still working on my Snippets of a Lifetime story and book. it is now 30 pages long and over 10,000 words and growing. When I finish it, I hope to edit it and make it into a book I can sell online, for all to read. I have also created a Web Site on, —-, Please feel free to check it and me out. when I finish Snippets I will attach it to the web site for all to see.




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