Hello all, been a while I know but life does carry on !

Hello all, been a while I know but life does carry on.

As the Middle East falls apart, worse and worse each and everyday and Isis tries to [prove to us all just how assine they really are and how much of a bunch of murderers they be the world continues to turn. As planes get driven into mountains and kill hundreds and others fail to stay in the air we continue to try to  make things right for all. It seems with Easter coming up which is a religious holiday actually, I wonder how many still believe in it all?

The Catholic Church lost me many decades ago, when I found out it was hiding pedofile Priests. Sadly nothing has been done to prosecute them and they run free being transferred from on church to another. The Church needs to acknowledge the problem and fight it fully in all ways. If it doesn’t it’s population of believers will continue to drop like flies being swatted out of the air.

Politically Speaking the United States is coming up on a new Election Cycle that will involve electing a new President. we see Ted Cruz of Texas  with his hat in the ring for the Republicans and we probably are pretty sure Hillary Clinton will run for the Democrats. But who will really be able to win the next one is the real question is it not? I do not see in my opinion a Republican who can #1) fix the economy, #2) Be Respected when they speak or act, due to the performance of congress which they have owned for the past four years. And even the Democrats must admit that no one is more qualified for the Presidency than Hillary Rodham Clinton. She has experienced as Secretary of State, and As a Senator, plus comes with a Former President as her husband to advise her in all matters.  The Republicans can try to derail her all they want, in the end no one will stand up strong enough to knock her out, of the lead in all areas. No President is perfect we all know that and neither is anyone person, but she is more prepared than all the rest. Some will say Jeb Bush can win it all, the truth is if he has any of his brother in him, he is a loser who will make key mistakes. While Jeb looked great as Governor of Florida, he is not Presidential Material in my book, at least not yet. Rand Paul is not only too conservative, but is outlandish in too many ways to be president also in my world. Anyway these are my opions and this is my blog, I still say get Hillary Rodham Clinton in and watch America rise fast1

         Last Subject for me today, I am currently working on a book, I call Snippets of a Lifetime and it is now 29 pages long and over 10,ooo words and growing. I have also compiled many lil short stories and poems into book form and placed them on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books for sale at cheap prices. They range in subjects from factual life stories, to fiction and non-fiction and poems I did. I also jusy created a new Web Site for my works : here it is for all to check out—http://bmccurrach.wix.com/short-stories?fb_ref=Default, you can copy and paste it into your browser to see what I have on it already and look for more in the future.


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