Justice System sucks!

The faults of the American Justice System are many, like you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Although the Justice System says for its motto you are not guilty until proven it lies. I know for I suffer from this today for a case that is 23 years old and the Justice system in Virginia Beach Virginia won’t help me clear it up, even though a Judge ordered it so at the time I was released. And the system doesn’t keep records that go back that far anymore,so, it stops at 10 years in keeping them. Sad isn’t it, for it is now affecting whether I can get a license to sell securities.

AH, whats one to do when falsely accused and then falsely convicted, then found not guilty of the felony as charge and the charge drops to a misdemeanor and your released to go home, only if you plead guilty to the misdemeanor and The Judge tells you it will not effect your life, it will be expunged and it isn’t? Who do you call to get it fixed, I have no idea anymore, I have tried the Circuit Court I was tried in, the records office and the Public Defenders office so far, next I am trying to get a Transcript of the Court on the release date from the Transcript Office. Will anyone there help me it is questionable at this point, but I will try today once more. The sad thing is when you scream from the moment a police man picks you up till the day you are released, you are innocent and no one believes you, and then years later the person you supposedly did it to admits you did nothing and you still can’t clear it up, Sad huh? Is there anyway to clear it up, I don’t know anymore but I am trying! I do know I was released because the Prosecutor caught my ex-wife in a lie on the stand, by comparing her notes during her interviews to the court transcripts and had me released.  So, I still don’t know where the records of that April 22nd, 1992 case are or who she was, but I am trying to clear it up today. We shall see what happens next!


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