Vaccines/ ISIS/Politics/ Presidential Candidates

     Vaccines, have been saving lives it seems forever and now modern day parents are ignoring how well they work and children are dying. Wake up America, I don’t care if you are the millennial  generation or not, those vaccines are why you survived, because your parents got you them! Don’t listen to bullshit doctors who say don’t vaccinate your children, they are leading you in the wrong direction and actually responsible, for the death of children now. If you have a proven system, why switch folks? Lets be real, measles can kill and has now, because some doctor said don’t use them, he should be jailed for it. In the end, as has been proven for generations folks, Vaccines benefit more the any adverse effects they may have and are safe, use then to keep your children healthy!

Next subject, ISIS, it should be fully eradicated from the planet like a virus, or illness that kills. It is the best comparison I can give it. Why would you burn or hang or behead innocent people to just get attention, because you are a sorry bunch of idiots who have stupid ideas and are extremist. You behead your own kind as well as anyone you can get to try to blackmail the world to pay for the furthering of your ideals and beliefs, and you think you can expand this way, forget it. When your own people of the same area and religious beliefs condemn you and want you gone your in deep shit so to say. Not to say the powerful nations you have all, decided to piss off now, England, America, Canada, Japan, Jordan, and so many more. How many nations do you think you can anger and hurt and kill their people, before they all unite and wipe your beliefs, ideals and you off the face of the earth. It’s coming folks, a all out war against an organization who thinks they can out run and hide for as long as they like and continue on, the list is growing of nations that can’t abide or accept this. ISIS will be wiped out, I am sure it is a matter of time is all, like Hitler and his Nazis in World War 2, Isis your day of destruction and end is close at hand. Your all cowards and idealist, killing men and women to further your ideals and bullshit and the world is now tired of it.

Final subject for today, Politics will be ruling the news for the next few years here in America I am sure. the Republicans took both the Senate and the House in the last election and are now attacking Obama Care again and trying to change Abortion Laws and so much more. Do not allow these republicans to take us backwards folks, if they do and have their way, American women will be house slaves and counted as worthless once more. Women are not only, smart, intelligent, wise and capable, they also bear our children and perpetuate the population on the planet. Plus you next American President should be a woman, one who is strong, intelligent, honest, straight forward, and knowledgeable, yes I say elect Hillary Clinton for President and you have a winner in all ways. If you think for one minute Jeb Bush or Rand Paul or even Chris Christie are Presidential material, your wrong. Yes I know Jeb Bush pushed Mitt Romney out, and Rand Paul thinks he is smarter than all of us Americans, and Christ Christie thinks he can run America like he does New Jersey it will not happen. Wake up Americans. Vote Hillary Rodham Clinton in and give a woman with guts, smarts and yes even balls a chance to straighten the mess out.

That said, I give you President Kennedy’s words of Wisdom in his  Inauguration Speech,Ask not what your Country Can Do for You, Ask Instead What You Can Do for Your Country!





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