Televisions Downfall

Go back in time now and was fun remember when, television and people weren’t dumb and bread cost twenty nine cents a loaf. When children ran through projects and color meant nothing to anyone, because, we were all on the same income level and struggling to survive. The Elementary School days of classrooms and playgrounds when nothing mattered but learning and playing for all of us, weren’t they great!

           Television back then was all black and white or color had just started and no one knew what cable was or had heard of it. But the shows that ran on the three main networks were fun to laugh and made kids think and grow up safely. Not every show was violence field back then; the comedy’s ruled the world of television in the 1960s. God Bless those for that, for today the children who watched those programs and learned the lessons from them are still here to teach tomorrows children.

           The comedy’s ruled and we laughed, the shows were made that way on so many networks we all loved them. ABC/ NBC. CBS and even Multimedia 5 out of New York ran great programs. We had all the characters and actors playing them who would make people smile and hold their interest for hours at a time. Variety Shows were king back then too, Jackie Gleason, Dean Martin, ah the good old days. We had Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, The Wonderful World of Disney and others. McHale’s Navy, My Favorite Martian, Car 54 Where are you and more. The Incredible Hulk, Little House on the Prairie, The Mod Squad, Combat, and more. Shows that told stories of fun, adventure and laughter. I miss those day folks, we all marveled at them then and now we all get nothing but violence and live shows. What the hell happened to the good old ones please? What happened to I Love Lucy, Alias Smith and Jones and others? The Mod Squad showed all working together, Charlie’s Angels, Cannon, and Barnaby Jones ah the good old shows. Perry Mason, Five O, and many more, where have you gone.

             Today you have two choices when you turn on your TV, Live contests of some sort, or Soap Operas they now call dramas. Let’s face it folks American TV is programing us, not us it.  Yet no one speaks up and looks for decent programming anymore, there is no Captain Kangaroo, or Mr. Rogers anymore, is there? Sad isn’t it folks, but America’s core values were taught in those programs, and taught through Adventure, Comedy and Variety Shows and it worked.  Can someone please tell me who let American Television become violence, drugs, killing and crime shows, interspaced with live contests? What is happening America to the Television Networks and what is being fed to our children/ DO we really pay attention to it anymore? We should for sure!


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