February 1, 2015— Super Bowl—and Political Season Begins

    Feb. 1, 2015, Super Bowl 49 day has arrived. There will be parties and people staring at the game for hours watching and cheering on each team and each other. Berating one another, and verbally fighting out which team will win, in home across the USA and world too. The bottom line is the Super Bowl is an Event many sports lovers love, period. Win lose or draw as a fan, you love to see the teams play a pretty competitive and equal game, and have a climax to it all that make sit worth watching. Thats Football Baby as they say!

Whether you are a Seahawks fan, or a Patriots fan or just a Pro Football fan period, the game will be the center of your Sunday Night tonight. Some will have chips and dips and food and scream and yell at each other over who is winning or losing and what play was fair or inbounds will always thrill a crowd. Football folks especially the Super Bowl is not just for men, women have fun with it too, and they get involved if you let them, so enjoy for tonight there will be one Super Bowl Winner and Champion!

As 2015 begins after one month is gone, we shall start to see in February, the political season start to heat up. Already Mitt Romney has said no to a third run for the Republicans, so the season begins for both parties. Before it gets fully underway folks, I think America needs to get ready to say good-bye to the Obamas. While Barack and Michele have done a fine job of representing Americans around the world, and The President has made some good choice and bad ones too, we have to say thank you to them for their leadership of the country, period. So before you pick a new President lets give some Respect and Honor to the President and Michelle Obama for their loyal service and convictions to their country. even if you disagree with some of his laws and ideas and what he did as President you must Respect the man and his wife for their service to the United States of America.

The Biggest questions now facing America is Terrorist, defenses against them, America’s protection in the world and our allies protection too. Then we run into the Debate of who our next President will be and if America believes fully a woman can lead America in this day and age. I refer to Hillary Rodham Clinton, one of the toughest political in fighters around and a woman who has earned a chance to run America in many ways. I believe she will run, for she is in my opinion the best option for us all. I may be wrong on whether she can win or not, but I am a loyal Hillary for President Supporter in my own mind and heart. So time shall tell thats for sure!

I hope and pray whichever political party wins the White House next, will realize America needs jobs, needs to take care of it’s people at home and abroad, yet, we have to interact with the world in a way to better it and our futures too. Co-operation, compromise, understanding must happen folks, and so much the elimination of terrorist and their power and threats. So, if a man or woman can come forward with a way to save medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, create jobs, make Healthcare better for all and lead with our head held high and gain back the respect we always had, it’s fine with me. We need a Leader who is not afraid of making decisions and sticking with them, as well as doing so responsibly.  I think Hillary Clinton is the one, but the process is just beginning and she has not declared yet, so I shall wait and see what surfaces.





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