Turn it Around America

Hello world, I am now 59 and 3 days old and it seems to me the more the world changes, the worst it gets, in many ways. When I grew up there was no X-Box, Playstation, or any other gaming device, no one had home computers and no one could afford them. Now The world is built on computers and video games for entertainment, work and so much more. Computers control our utilities and defenses, and most of our children too, it’s a sad commentary for sure, but it is true.

We went from children outside running through the woods and playing with others and exploring nature, to children sitting in front of a big screen tv, playing war games and car games and sports games too. What happened to the america of old where children played games outside like football, baseball, basketball, hide and seek, and war/ What happened to a child running because they need to for fun and to burn off energy? What happened to Ice skating and sledding in the winter, riding bikes in the summer, and so much more? We have become a society built on computers and gaming systems and our children’s waistlines grow and they get mouthy if you stop them from playing games and make em do work. Sad isn’t it?

While some advances are good like improvements in medicine, education,and yes even defensive weapons and tactic, some suck point blank.  Lets face it folks, what we refuse to admit these days is simple, some things were better off the old way, not the ways of today.Things are too simple for many, and making america’s adults and children too lazy. we need to change it back in many areas for no matter what some think, the old folks who preceded us had many of them right. But, we are too stubborn and set in our ways today many americans and there would be wars if you took away the big screened televisions, Playstations, X-boxes and Nintendo’s , children would go crazy and parents wouldn’t know how to handle their children anymore in today’s world. Sadly, it’s true believe me, do you if you were born in the 1960s or earlier like me, really remember you asking mom or dad for a game that was sixty bucks a shot and getting it, nope, here is Monopoly they said or Checkers. Wake up american’s we spoil our children rotten and give them everything and wham we end up with a society that expects everything handed to them on a platter, sad isn’t it? My parents said earn it son, work for it delivery papers if you have to save soda cans, wash cars, do something and earn money on your own. It’s what all American children should be doing these days, learn to respect others, how to sell items and do things and make money on your own, of course parents should teach them. Will they, I doubt it, for parents today as lazy and scared of their children too, there is no more, spare the rod spoil the child allowed and punishing a child is sending them to a room full of toys anyway. Sad isn’t it? 

As future generations of Americans grow fatter, lazier and less functional than the older generations, they also grow more disrespectful of elders and get to think they know it all and make so many mistakes they ultimately end up arrested, or illegal, or battered and beaten up by others. They lose the skills to communicate, to cooperate and get along in society and go afoul of  society in general. Sadly, American Jails fill with young men and women who could be saved by just teaching them to be respectful and tolerant and considerate and giving them guidance , so they fit in. Instead we forget to teach them correctly and we end up with hoodlums, bums, thieves, criminals and in the end a society racked with crime and ugliness. Sad isn’t it?

           We need to turn it around America, and that starts in the home with parents! Do You job parents discipline, guide and teach, and stop letting machines babysit your children!



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