59 and Counting………..

     Yesterday January 25th I turned 59 years old and celebrated it by taking the State Exam for Life Insurance Exam and passed it. Adding another accomplishment to my life and moving on and hoping, to keep going a while longer.

I have survived many things in my life, from a brutal childhood filled with beatings, threats, and screaming, to a three-year stretch in high school and dropping out to slowly coming back from that. Going on to an Equivalency  Diploma, and joining first the Army, then the Army National Guard and in the end The Navy for the final twelve years of service. I have survived a Medical Discharge and becoming a Disabled Veteran and going through a Divorce, and bounced back. I went on to going to College and getting an Associate Degree in Hotel Management, and Restaurant Management too. 

I have now written plenty of stories and made them into small books on Amazon’s Kindle E-books for sale. Then I married for a second time, and moved on more. I gained a great wife, a home and love, and a step-daughter and grandkids, and regained my daughters and their children too. I came a long way folks.

So life shall go on and on for me as long as God is willing, Thanks all and God!


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