Another Year Coming to a close with Holidays, Thoughts

     December 20th. 2014, Five days from Christmas and 11 days from 2015 folks. We have almost completed the year and it seems humanity still hasn’t figured out what the animal population of the world has, and we are supposed to be the intelligent ones right?  We still haven’t figured out not to kill each other, or to take care of our environment and the planet we live on. We haven’t figured out guns are dangerous and kill people cause people are too stupid not to use them, we still haven’t figured out we have more homeless and hungry people in the world than ever before, nor do we care to stop and help anyone along the way, do we folks? No indeed we just want our piece of the pie and it doesn’t matter if we trampled, run over or around someone or something and destroy them or it in the process, nope have to have our piece don’t we? Greedy bastards is what we all are and we all know it too, yet we won’t stop, it’s like an addict on crack, we have ours but have to have more and more at all cost. Sadly it destroys the humanity on the planet, it destroys our world and environment and atmosphere too, so that sometime in the future our survivors, our families will face impossible odds to survive and we shall die off as a species, sad isn’t it?

We have watched America’s and the world economy dip, people go hungry, homeless and get sick beyond measure and die in millions around the world. We have seen human predators take out animal populations and species and each other like beasts in a coliseum in old Rome. We have seen religions and nations fight one another over beliefs, over property, over rights or lack of rights, and still we never do a damn thing right to stop it all. What the hell is wrong with mankind, that we can not see the destruction we are producing to our own ecosystem, atmosphere, and species and world in general? Are we blinded by power, greed and the need for our religions to be approved of  that we shall murder and slaughter innocent women and children and people to prove our points? Sad isn’t it folks, I think so!

As 2014, rolls to it’s conclusion, and the Holiday Season is upon the world in general, can we all stop and take a look at what is happening, stop it now and build a better world in 2015, or is it too late folks? You Tell me, when you read this ok, for I believe if mankind can destroy itself and the planet so quickly, we will make ourselves instinct in about 300 years, it should be time for all humanity to reevaluate it all and save the planet, the species and do things right for a change. Lets preserve, protect and help one another and lets make it an earth where we can all exist and talk, walk and pray in our own ways, but always remember we are a human species not just a bunch of rebels and fools ok?

Let me say this to all, from past generations to current generations and to future generation of all humanity, of all races, creeds, colors and religions and nationalities, Let There Be, Peace on Earth, GoodWill to Men and A Happy Holiday Season to all no matter, who you are, or where on Earth. Peace on Earth Goodwill to man, and May we all be healthy! 

   Happy Holidays to All!


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