Christmas Season Begins, Happy Holidays

       Monday, December 15th is here for the 2014 year. Ten days left till Christmas Day, when families gather and give presents away. Dinners will be on tables in homes and children will smile for all to see, to get a present from a parent like you or me. The Holiday Season is it you see, for children to laugh and be happy and free, we adults will figure how to pay for what we give, for it is our place and way to pay and live.

 Christmas has many different meanings in the world, for every man and every girl. For some it is the presents you get, for others they grew up and learned it is what you give that counts. As we count down to Christmas day, with family and friends, and  we should all stop to think of how our lives began. We were given the biggest present of all, when we came into the world, after nine months in a ball. We breath, we laughed, we cried and yes at times we even sighed. But in the end do to loving care, we grow up to be adults who love and care. We learn to respect others and to share, we learn to love and laugh and yes care, we learn who is important to us, and get taught to treat the rest like they need to treat us.

So, as your Holiday Season begins with cheer and you wonder where you will get the money to pay for it this year, be thankful you have a home and food, clothes to win and you don’t need the booze. Family is all you need you see, for those were and will always be, the best Christmas Seasons for you and me!.


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