December Thoughts

     December 2014 is here folks and in three weeks time i have plenty to do! I have to shop for Christmas yet, and that is for lets see, 9 grandkids,7 adults and a wife, fun huh! Then I have to package up all I need tos end to another state and get it off in time to get there.

 On top of this I have taken on Primerica and trying to get through classes and studies to pass their exam in the near future to get licensed. I always do things all at once and sometimes I fail and sometimes I don’t, I guess ya can call me a Git Er Done kinda guy!

My writing of poems and stories seems to have taken a backseat at this time to so many things happening in life. Doctors, Medical tests, Primerica Classes and future tests and trying to find people to help and offer help to. But one thing I do know, it’s real living when you finally start moving and doing!

What will the future bring for me, I am not sure anymore I am at the age I thought for sure, when I was younger I would have died by. I survived some rough years for sure and situations too. Yet, as time goes on and i get older, for in a little over a month or so I will turn 59, and head for 60, I am amazed at the world, the people in it and some of the lack of intelligence and caring we give to each other. I am also sad and worried about racial injustices and the failures of the justice system, we created it and we can change it, if we do so peacefully folks, not with riots. 2015 approaches fast folks, as we count down december of 2014, can we all stop and think again of how it all means for Christmas, to Have Peace On Earth and GoodWill to All Mankind! 


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