December 3rd, 2014

     Well, we all have our fears in life and they are different for each of us. Some fear a gun, some fear a person, some fear so much more and then there are the ones who fear cancer like me. I was hocked to find I had lung cancer in 2013 and that I survived it was a miracle to me. I was shocked first to have it, and then secondly at the fact I had to lose a lobe and a third  of one lung. But I survived it and thank god for the added time I am having today. Yet I know I can’t last forever and symptoms are popping up for more.

 My throat is constantly rough and in pain, plus I hack and cough big time, it is hard to swallow at times and yes I was diagnosed with Barrett’s Syndrome. The lining of my throat is in a mess and I have trouble swallowing and I cough, but how far along it is is hard to tell folks. I am not coughing up blood yet so I gather it isn’t bleeding yet, but my breathing is irregular these days. Today I shall go see a cardio-pulmonary specialist at the Veterans Hospital here in Connecticut and will explain the symptoms to her. She was the one who had me treated for Lung cancer Ultimately so hopefully she will have me examined further for my throat problem now. It is time to have it looked at closer and see how bad it really is and how long I have if it is bad,

My father, lasted till fifty five years old, my mother lasted to 59 years old and my step-father till 58, guess what folks I am 58 soon to be 59 in January. So the time to find out if i will outlive them all is here and the Doctors shall tell. No Matter what happens whether I survive or don’t, live or die, I have lived a full life with many great memories and loves. So I shall look forward to being here more. God Willing of Course, if not, all of you know who you are that I love!


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