American Truth Today. Ferguson!

      OK, America it is time to have a discussion many of us have avoided for over a century now. It is time to face some facts and the reality of multi-racial america as it is today, versus what it was yesterday.  It is time to discuss the racial divide that will either, destroy America or unite it. Hopefully if faced now we can save the Republic, the country and most probably the world and all people, but it will take honesty, hard work, and relearning what was taught to many Americans over time. So, let me start with a little American History lesson folks and we can go from there.

The African Americans, should realize they are not the only race, or people in America to be mistreated and used and abused. Yes, we all know of the plight of those African Americans who were raised and used as slaves in the south, and their rights trampled upon and so much more. But go back before that time and we find the American Indians as the most mistreated and used and abused and abandoned and killed off people in America. So slavery and racial inequality has been a part of America from it’s creation till now and it shall never disappear in my opinion, for it is not really racial inequality folks, it is a battle of wills between many different people living in a tea pot full of different ones, for the control and majority issues of America. I know all of the history to how america was built folks and you should too, with so many different people coming here because they wanted to, America was and is still the land of opportunity and will forever be. Yet, I must admit of all the races, in America, the only race that didn’t come here on their own are the African Americans. They were dragged from their families in Africa and brought to America as labor, and that was just so wrong and we all know that now, but it is too late to change it. But the truth is the African American is no different then the white American, or the Hispanic American or the Oriental American or any other American. Yet, we see them cry for justice louder, stronger and with more energy than any other race or culture in America, why? They are battling the slave years and the images of the slave years and the torture they went through. I agree with the battle and their right to it, but destruction is not the right way to do it.

Do not misunderstand what I am saying people, I agree they were mistreated, abused, used and beat upon by white americans in the old days, especially in the southern parts of America. I also understand how as a people they want revenge for the past and still feel as if they are not equal and abused. In the end though, it has now been well over a century or more since a man has been held a slave in America, isn’t it time to wake up and realize all men are created equal and we all hurt and bleed and die, no matter our race, color or creed, in the same ways. Time is flying by in the world, and things are changing and we all know and realize it too, so can we learn to live in peace and do things by the laws folks. Where once America was a  purely caucasian ruled land, with whites in full power, it is not that way today. African Americans are now the majority folks, and we all know it, they out number all races in america and more than likely in the world. Natural selection, and more has taken the world in that direction for sure and so has nature period, so it is time, to realize it folks.

While the 1950s and 1960s, will be remembered for Civil rights movements and great people like John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and the call for peace, and growth, it is also remembered as one of the best eras ever in American History, because it is the time we all came together to help the country not destroy it. It is not the days of numerous jobs and lots of money anymore, where a comic book cost a kid a nickel, bread .35 cents, milk a buck. The world is attacking America and it’s economy from all sides folks, they give companies reasons to leave America and go elsewhere to run. Why, because Americans are overly greedy and impulsive and stubborn. You want jobs back in America, give companies tax breaks in your state, or town or city, give them a reason to create jobs. Don’t tax them to death and then cry when they leave and you have no jobs, ok.

      And in reply to the Ferguson mess now happening I say this to the African Americans of Ferguson and the United States, because one child was killed for doing what he shouldn’t have, is it your right to destroy property, burn buildings, loot stores, harm innocents and more? I think not, and I believe you know that also folks, no matter what color your skin, or culture your background, or religion you be, the final line is you are Americans and we have laws and more. Wake up please, I think you are destroying your chances to be heard properly by being destructive, be constructive, talk, debate and protest peacefully and make everyone understand what you believe and want. Destroying the town you live in by burning it down, looting it’s stores and beating on others and destroying property is wrong and only hurts the people who live in Ferguson, isn’t it true. Stop and think of the future now, how many businesses did you destroy, how many buildings and cars did you burn, how many people did you harm, and in the end who did  you harm more than anyone else, yourselves. Ferguson will go on now to become a desolate town, with no businesses in it and no jobs and no one will come there to bring jobs, because they fear what has happened will happen again, wake up, people of Ferguson, isolating your town from the world will not help you all survive will it?

       I will end this now, with a fact very few Americans want to admit or acknowledge, the white  race in America  is now the Minority Race and The Black race is now the majority folks, face it and live with it ok. While the whites feared the blacks in the 1950s and 1960s, the blacks were producing children in shear and simple numbers, not all did it but a majority did. We the people are all colors, races, religions and cultures though and we all bleed the same,we all die the same, and we all must live the same, God Bless America and the World.




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