Michael Brown Jr. Case/ Results and Reactions!

      The Micheal Brown Jr. case has ended folks let it go. It seemed for a while like the investigation, would show the Officer Darren Wilson was wrong, the truth is he wasn’t. 

There was no Police Officer shooting a perfectly innocent African American Male here, who was a child at heart , There was a African American male who attacked a police officer in his car, tried to take that officer’s gun and failed to do so, and then who ended up shot twice at the car before he ran away. What Business did Micheal Brown have in punching Officer Wilson in his face in his car? and then trying to reach the Officer’s gun? That is and was the real question here and once MIcheal reached inside that car and struggle to get the gun and failed, did anyone think, the officer would not chase him down and try to arrest him still? Come on people of Ferguson wake up ok, this is not the case you wanted it to be, where an innocent african american was killed for no reason! 

  Next subject here is simple people of Ferguson, why would you riot, destroy police cars and loot your own stores because a person was killed by police and it didn’t go your way with the Grand Jury?  Do you really think the way to change the laws and be better protected is by attacking police cars and stores in your own town? If so then you are ignorant people and deserve to rebuild it all, and pay the cost of repairing and restocking the town yourselves. Sadly, you didn’t hurt the system, hurt a cop, or help yourselves by looting the stores that serve you, you made yourselves look like animals in a crazy filled world attacking everything and anyone in sight, because you didn’t get your way. Wake up, settle down, say goodbye to Micheal Brown Jr. like his parents did, and remember him in a good light before he made his mistake. Don’t soil his memory folks, by continuing to act like animals gone mad, honor his memory of his life and honor the good parts is all you should do and move on to a future and change and correct the laws.


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