MY Immigration Thoughts

     Immigration !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is screamed back and forth like it is a strange disease or something, why? This is America, we were built on immigration and thats how we became who we are in all ways. We are indeed a nation of immigrants and we should be proud of it, Italians, Irish, scottish, polish, german, and so many other slal in one bowl and mixed well and you get America out of it all!  so why the big cry over President Obama’s Executive Order on this? Simple, the Republicans didn’t want Obama accomplishing a damn thing, he is a democrat they are Republicans and they would oppose anything from him even if it was welfare for abandoned babies. They just want Obama to sit like a dead duck in office and do nothing, that way they can say look, the democrats were in the White House and they failed. Yeah, we know they hate Obama Care, they hate his decisions on Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and so much more. In the end though the guy took on an office he wasn’t fully ready for, because he looked at it as the ultimate honor in the world and he has served six years already and his final two are started, Let him have some peace of mind and some kind of  legacy won’t you, you Republican bastards.

I don’t care if your an illegal immigrants from whatever country, if you hispanic, german, irish, polish, black, white or male or female, if your in America if you work for a living, like religious freedom and living in peace, you belong here! I know, I know many will say what does a white man, who has a scottish and french background know right, I know my Grandparents came from two different countries and made it here in america by hard work, paying their taxes and raising their families. so should everyone else have that chance too. No corrupt people will be accepted, and this gives the  five million a chance to apply for citizenship on the legal side and be added to the voter roles and tax roles, legally. Yes, Congress still needs to pass an immigration bill and do it right, so no punishment hits these people who are running from a life of pain and suffering to a land of hope and peace, help them don’t kill their hopes. We the people, remember United we stand, divided we fall, well, wake up and help these folks and lets get on with life.


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