Weather changes/ depleting resources

    Why is it mankind doesn’t listen to its scientist’s words, or to the best minds in the world when they talk of global warming and the destruction of  the planet and atmosphere we live in? Can’t people see what is happening to the planet and it’s life forms? The Polar bears are dying off because they have no place to live, due to the break up of the arctic floats, animals and birds are disappearing due to weather changes, humanity is losing it’s members to cancer, pollution, and weather too now, in Buffalo, NY.  when is mankind going to admit, that global warming exists and do something about it? Good questions right? 

  Global Warming is here folks, ask the fine people of Buffalo, NY, who became buried under 90 inches of snow, in two days and it still is falling! Seven people have died in the cold and snow trying to survive already and it doesn’t look good for homes and roofs either, as the weight piles up and the snow sits and rains may come. Roofs will collapse folks and people can die again. Please don’t listen to the assholes in Congress and say no such thing as global warming, because the longer it is denied, the worse it will get, and we shall hit a point of no return with the planet’s resources, the atmosphere and the life on it. If we continue, earth will look like the barren planet of Mars, and there will be only memories of humanity.

As it goes mankind is supposed to be the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Yet we ignore global warming, we ignore atmospheric changes and we ignore so much more. We overpopulate the planet and take from it in so many ways we are depleting its resources at an ungodly rate. The oceans are polluted and the fish are dying off, the animals struggle to survive on land and mankind still doesn’t understand or pay attention to it at all. We are not driven any more by self-preservation, we are now driven by position, greed and of course stupid one upmanship and pride. As we battle each other for superiority, we forget we destroy each other and the planet we live on. We are the only species on earth humanity, that works so hard to kill itself off, we are ignorant of what we do to it all! As the skies fill with smoke and pollution making it hard for us to breathe, we put on masks, as the water empty of fish and life we dump more garbage in them. As animals die off from nature and disease, we kill more off to eat ourselves, quickening the lost. When will mankind learn and who will wake them up, you let me know folks.

Well, I guess you may say I ranted enough on that one. I know at times I sound like a political nutcase, or a great naysayer, or a fearful person, but I am not. I served my 16 years for my country and I am proud of that too as many well know. I gave so many would be saved and  paid the price for doing so in many ways. Six herniated discs in my spine, arthritis from them, PTSD, Sleep Apnea,and now lung cancer have taken their toll on me. I don’t move as fast as i used to, I can’t breathe as well as I use to and I do so much more less then I used to of course. But I live on for some reason as they say, who knows what i was put here on earth for.We all don’t know our fates or destinies we just live each day one at a time with no idea of how long we have left.So, each day you wake up, take a deep breathe, take second to say thank you for being alive, and live each day like there is no tomorrow, for it may just be that way in the end!

One final thought folks for all- As we look to the skies for planets to hold us and keep us alive in the future, we are beginning to realize, I believe that we are no better then the ants beneath our own feet struggling to survive. They scurry along each day like we do, storing food and building colonies, and we do the same above them. and who is above us out there in the Universe and space? we don’t know, but I give you my theory folks, we are like ants on this planet, we scurry, dig, eat and reproduce at ungodly rates and pay very little attention to our surrounding or each other. Like an ant colony, when one of us goes wrong or doesn’t fit in or goes against the tide, we tend to destroy the one to save the colony. So as you sit and read this, think of it, we are just a bigger form of ants, scurrying the same as they do and watching below us, just as above us we are watched I am sure by far more superior beings then we are. So understand, no matter color, race, religion, ethic origin, or any damn thing else, we are all human.

On that count of all of being human, let me give you a story you may want to try out I wrote and see if you will try it and help out a Disabled Veteran. 




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