Divisions/ and Political Realities!

       Here is a thought for all, ever notice when your in trouble, or under the weather, or something stupid happens to ya, who is there for you? I ask this for a reason and to make a point folks, those who are not currently in your life you once knew so well, are not anymore because they became too engrossed in their own lives, to remember you existed. It happens when people get married, it happens when a death hits a family, it happens when, you don’t think it would.

Families get divided over stupid shit too, believe me I have seen it happen. I think he is cheating, I think she is cheating, is one of them. Don’t divorce or separate unless your positive and have proof ok. Do people realize how much goes into a relationship, and how much work they went thru to get one to work, before they end it, nope! It’s all about the present situation is all, no one remembers who stood by them when things were, good bad and indifferent, no, anger fuels them, or jealousy and wham it’s all over. Before you go off half-cocked make sure your right and not just imagining things folks.

OK, now that I ranted on that one, whats next right? Well, I am a Disabled American veteran as I have said a million times before, and I write short, stories, poems and blogs for fun and to keep my mind active. I have lived a life filled with events, for I was born in 1956, in the Eisenhower Years. I didn’t know anything of course, until I heard JOhn F. Kennedy give his Speech when he went into office. His speech motivated America to go to the moon, to put in place civil rights laws, he stared down the Russians and began his march  toward a second term. Yet one lone man killed him they say, is it true who knows any more. The point being is Kennedy put promise, hope, determination, and motivation in place that lasted thru to the 1970s and almost the 1980s. It spurred America to the moon, it spurred grow, it spurred jobs, the Peace Corps, and so much more. One speech folks can motivate Americans toward greatness in many ways, as Kennedy showed us.

We don’t seem to have that kind of leader anymore, do we? Where did the candidates go who can motivate, spur, and make Americans listen and do what is right? Do we have a candidate like that nay where in America now a days? I will tell you what I think and you can comment, send me hate mail, or nice comments, which ever you want, once you read this!

America needs a bold leader, one who will make jobs, we need a leader who can make the American dollar worth what it once was before. Yet we also need a leader who can motivate the people to move toward a better future for all, and make sense of what is happening today, We need a leader who can unite, not divide, color, sex, religion mean nothing if people can’t eat, or sleep inside in warmth at night, we need to help Americans first and foremost.

I remember the 1960s well, kids played in yards outside everyday, and came in at night with very little fear. Bread cost a whole  twenty nine cents back then, milk was abundant, people ate and very few homeless people walked the streets. People had jobs, because factories were here, and so was the chance to make a good buck for your family. People had pride and they worked to improve themselves and help others, what went wrong? Moms worked, dads worked , their children found jobs to help out, that is the America that worked folks. Children ran out and go a paper route to help out and a job as soon as they got old enough to do so. We didn’t live then in front of computers, Video game consoles, we read books and explored the woods and  played with friends, not based on color or religion or sex even, but on who we liked for who they were. So, How does America get back to the simple things and start to recover from the mess of the 1990, and now the 2000s, simple folks, we find someone who believes the best is what I said and elect them as President and give them a congress to help them out. I have studied candidates folks, and believe me, no Senator Cruz will do, nor do the Republicans show a candidate who will be able to do it. If you find one, then you come tell me ok. I see only one choice as we get ready for a new Presidential Election in 2016.

Yeah, I know the naysayers will scream and yell, then who cares, the truth is America needs leadership, courage, toughness, honesty, loyalty, and a creative mind. America needs spirit and smarts in the lead, they need experience, guiding, determination and a vision, as well as smarts period. We need a candidate who can build jobs, keep health care, social security and medicaid and medicare alive. One who can make homes more affordable, food more affordable and kick Americans asses to get them moving once more. Now you tell me who has that kind of spirit, knowledge and ability to lead and comes with aback-up that has already been there? One person needs to run and we all know who it is, Hillary Rodham Clinton. She will lead, she will make decent decisions and defend and grow America, and she will a valuable resource with her William Jefferson Clinton, experience will count. So, I say Vote Hillary Rodham Clinton President and take the two for one deal and lets make America strong once more!


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