Child Raising, Do whats right!

     My belief about families and people who get married and have children will never change, period. If you love one another and you have children, do me a favor, love them or make a decision not to have them ok!   The saddest part of watching children and parents and how they are raised is found in two words, as parents grow tired of each other, separation comes into mind first and the question arise for the children why?   Then the second comes up in one word Divorce, do parents know how devastated children become from it for real? Or do they care as they hate each other and the children stuck in the middle get punished and hurt, do they even begin to think about it?  I believe they don’t, they get so angry and upset and yell and scream and toss each other out and away from their own children the child is forced to go elsewhere for a parent to teach and protect them. Then you have the disassembling of the American family, sad isn’t it?   This is where we get our children who become mentally and emotionally disturbed and don’t fit into society today, and then there are the parents who stay together for the good of the children, yet, because they do they wreck their children by spoiling them and beating them. One versus the other, in a divorce kills the child in the middle for they can’t understand why the split happens and no one can explain it to them properly. Sad huh?

The destruction or incompleteness of the American family is why American children are not turning out to be much. The ones that shine have a family, a parenting couple and siblings that make them go forward and become something good instead of bad in society.  A single parent is not the way for any child to be raised, but, in many cases it does work if the parent never lets the child see their anger. A peaceful love atmosphere  for a child is everything and believe me, loving parents no matter what sex they be, gay or straight, makes no difference, as long as they love the child makes it easier for the child to grow up normal. Adults must learn to make right choices for the children in the cases of separation or divorce, not for themselves, don’t be selfish, be an adult and remember your actions and decisions are watched by your child and absorbed into their life. What you do in broken relationships and in front of your child can affect their future attitudes, and relationship too, it’s a cycle folks and we all live through it. Don’t make it an evil or messed up one for the child you brought into the world! They are indeed the future of the world!


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