Lets go Back to the We Society!

      In life like any other creature on the planet mankind must fight his battles too, One for dominance, survival, health and freedom. Mankind  must fight diseases, weather, pain, hurt, emotional and sometimes even mental breakdowns to survive. We do so, each of us with help from other human beings and medical advice, or we struggle on our own and make it, not all are lucky enough to.

As you walk around young and proud and healthy and strong, do you ever stop to think about the ill, the handicapped, the mentally incapable or barely capable? Do you stop to give a helping hand, to say thanks to a veteran, to help an older person cross a street or carry something, do  you hold a door open for others?  Whats the chance of you saying hi to a person in need who wants money to live, needs a place to live or a meal to survive? My guess is you drive by them everyday in America and don’t even bother to pay attention to them! They look like hobos or bums, begging for a buck and a meal, and you fly by saying not me, I have my life to think about, right? It is sad is it not? but true in America!

When I was growing up less people were walking the streets begging for food then today, I didn’t see people with signs in the streets begging for food and help and a roof over their head, why well one big generational difference is why! When I was a kid people learned to walk to school, they didn’t have computers, tablets,, gaming consoles and all the shit kids have today. We didn’t fight with everyone either, we learned to compromise and get along or stay away. We learned to care and help a neighbor, friend or even a stranger out. we grew up in a society of we the people, for the people, not the me, me, me society of today. We have gone and  I have said this repeatedly in past blogs and stories I write, Americans have gone from the we society to the me society and it’s not good folks.

           What happened to the America where if someone had a flat tire people would stop and help? What happened to the people who helped children, not destroyed them, but helped them when they got hurt and smiled because they did a good thing? What happened to kids playing outside in the yards and neighborhoods , with each other and having  fun? Ever stop and wonder why it all changed, what made America the cold place it is today? Do we even know folks, is it prejudice, discrimination, fear , of one another. is it the color of one’s skin, the way one talks, walks or dresses, or is it indeed started in the home by parents who pass the hate and anger of their own lives onto their children? What is it folks, if we could solve it, we could go back to we the people as a society and be the we society again, instead of this damned me, me, me society and move forward together!


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