My Truthful Cancer Story !!

     How long can the human body and Doctors fight cancer and keep someone alive, even with the patients full cooperation and ability to fight too? Good question isn’t it folks, for all all know cancer can’t be beat, but I have seen many examples of it held off and stopped even in people. The war is constant on cancer everywhere you go and the people who have it are the most determined and positive people you can know, for they live each day like it is their last. Yet, what are the final numbers against this deadly disease, I don’t know for sure, but I am sure the odds favor cancer.

  I have seen many victims of this disease cancer in my life. it started with my Grandfather on my moms side, he lost his fight in a nursing home at age 71 back in 1970, then a girl I knew and liked , came down with cancer in her ovaries, yet she still survives today, I am glad to see it. Then, it hit my real life father at 55 and killed him, he didn’t know me well or my older brother because of his divorce from my mother when I was nine months old, but it took him too, 1984. 1990 I came home going thru a divorce myself, and found the man who raised me, my step-father dying of cancer  next. He died at 58 years old of lung cancer, good-bye poof. Sadly, he was missed big time by his wife and us kids there were five of us. Then one year and one day later this horrible disease attacked again, it grabbed my mother and killed her one year and one day behind her husband, devastation reigned folks, believe me.

The years rolled by then, and I remarried in 2000, and we are a happy couple in all ways, 2006 came and the phone rang, it was off to another fight against cancer. My second wife has breast cancer and the diagnoses were very pretty at the time. They wanted to cut a her breast off and treat her wife chemo and radiation. I took he rtoa specialist in New York for a second opinion, she kept her breast, She lost her lymph nodes under one arm a total of 29 and I sat by her as she had chemo and radiation, and worried. She still lives today and it is 2014. No more chemo needed or radiation, I had to shave her head by the hair grew back a lil sparsely but still. She is still the woman I love and will stand by forever.

        2012- Again the phone rang, this time it was for me, Mr can you come to the hospital we found something on your test and we need to see you. I was like what did you find and asked on the phone and knew, cancer! Yes I had cancer and would have to battle too. My battle began August 2012 and I still fight the results today. My right lung had cancer, and I needed a lung operation. They would operate that September taking one lobe and one third of my right lung, but I survived. I am here still today and i still hate cancer the word and the disease and will forever. 

2014 is here now, and i am still kicking and so is my wife, we are stubborn and fighters in all ways. But now the question comes as we close in on 2015, will I survive the next year or not? Here is what I see for history folks so you tell me what I should think! My grandfather went at 71, my father at 55, my mother at 59, and now I am 58 soon to be 59 in January myself, so can I survive and make my life go longer then theirs did? Time Shall tell folks, I had lung cancer and survived and now have what is called Barrett’s Disease, it can turn to cancer at anytime and does kill. So what do I do next, except live life to the fullest and hope I can survive. Welcome to my cancer story all truthful!


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