12 Little Thoughts and Lessons for All

     Some lessons I learned in life come to mind this morning and maybe should be in others minds too, so I offer some from me to you!

1) Don’t ever be too overly trusting, for if you are people will rob you blind in anyway they can.

2) Don’t fight idiots or fools who want to get physical with you, walk away.

3) Persistence does pay off in the end.

4) Before you jump into any situation, or relationship check the person out fully, you may be wanting to date a                    crazy person.

5) Everyone has dark secrets in their life somewhere, look for them, before they look for you!

6) Survivalist come in many forms, not just the physical ones, but the mental ones too could get you.

7) You can indeed do whatever you want to do and be who you want to be, as long as you use your mind to do it                  and stick to it!

8) if you let foolish pride get in your way, you will never overcome or learn how to get by.

9) Doesn’t matter what you want or need, you can get it if you work to achieve.

10) Remember , you are responsible to make yourself the best person you can be no one else!

11) We didn’t choose our parents, but they choose to make us, we can’t blame them for what we become, we make             our own choices.

12) Finally, but not least, honor, trust, and respect given to others will come back to you, you can’t hurt another and            not expect to be hurt in return, it doesn’t work that way,.


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