Do Something Americans!

      The USA, yes that us, The American People right, than why on Election Day 2014 did we act like a backwards country and put the White House and Congress at opposing polar points of view to duke it out for two more years? Simple some will say it’s a check and balance system put in place by our founding fathers, to make sure our GOvernment is by the people, and for the people.  What the founding fathers did not count on when they created this Republic and made it a democratic one is, the people becoming so uneducated and lazy, that they don’t even understand what they are doing  to themselves. The American People kill themselves when they give The Senate and House to one party and the White House to another, it becomes stalemate and bogs down any progress, you all will see in the next two years, exactly what I mean. The President will put Bills forward, Congress will block everything he puts out, Congress will put bills forward and The President will Veto anything coming at him. In the end, we will effectively be in the same place from November 5 th, to November 2016 and into 2017 when the next President is in office. We the People did this, and it was a dumb move if you ask me, we can’t move America Forward by electing opposites in the key places. Sadly, american’s who are homeless, hungry, out of work and walking the streets and packing the unemployment rolls and more, will  become greater in numbers, and our economy will bog down more.

The Economy of the United States was built on manufacturing period, we were always so rich and powerful, we could get anything we wanted if we worked for it. Well, today you can’t even work for it, you work to survive is all, to pay your mortgage, your rent, electric and phone and heat and eat period. Gas is only a luxury actually for your car if you need it to go somewhere like doctors or lawyers or family matters. The stores are empty and more malls get built why? I shall never understand the foolishness of the America I love. I can say these things because i have seen the following things happen in my lifetime: House Prices go up and then crash down, stocks and bonds doing the same, Factories open and closing left and right and so much more plus I served my country for 16 years and became disabled as a Veteran. Sadly I can’t improve my health, but I can speak my mind damn it.

I was born in 1956 under Eisenhower and Nixon, lived through Camelot with the Kennedys, and watched him die, his brother die and Martin Luther King Jr too, All for for equality and the betterment of the American people on a whole. Lyndon Johnson while trying to carry on the progress of his predecessor, bogged us down in Vietnam and tried to change things but was unable to. I have seen every President and party in the White House they will ever be in my lifetime and yet not a one of them understands that you need to rebuild the economy at home, before you can police and rebuild other countries period. I watched factories go down the tubes one by one because they were over taxed over charged and moved overseas to keep in business, sad isn’t it. Companies that were mainstays of America’s economy, closed their door in the 1970s and 1980s and never returned, UniRoyal Rubber and Sneakers, Chase Brass and Cooper, Anaconda, Timex and so many more. Now it is the 2014 and the brick and mortar stores are dying out Sears, K-mart, and more, yet Malls are still being built and never filled, sad isn’t it. americans don’t have jobs, or savings or a way to make money these days, so they live pay check to pay check. I watched a loaf of bread go from a quarter to over three dollars a loaf. Milk triple in price, meat prices soar, gas prices soar and so much more, why? When will the Congress, both sides and the President realize what is happening to Americans?

I went to a mall the other day with a friend, no I didn’t spend money I didn’t have we went to use it for walking and getting some exercise is all. As we drove down the road I saw boarded up stores and buildings where big store chains were before. I saw people in dirty clothes and hungry holding up signs feed me, will work for food, need a home, and even some sleeping in cardboard boxes, why? This is America, but the House, The Senate as a Unit does nothing to change it and nether can the President without support. Do something Americans, do it now or pay further prices!


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