November 5th, 2014, Election Results!

November 5th, has arrived in 2014, and the election results are in, the Republicans did win the Majority in the Senate and they already had control of the House. So guess what folks, the President is now sitting on the hot seat of the world’s most powerful office, with no support at all. Sad really if you ask me that the american people choose to go this way, but it is done and now the people will get either their glory or destruction next. The sad thing about this is no Americans seem to understand their own political system that well in my opinion, you all just handed the Republicans the power to not only block and stop every thing the President wants to do, but you have also given the first 4 years of the next President one hell of a problem to deal with too. Sad America very sad in my opinion! 

America will see now, how the Republicans will attack Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and any other program that helps people, including ObamaCare. Sadly, you will see how they cut unemployment benefits for all, limiting them to either 13 or 26 weeks, and how the republicans who have more money then anyone else can and will hurt Americans left and right. How they are indeed war hawks, and why they support the military machine that makes weapons and The NRA. I just hope they can understand the following fact, MIddle America is quickly and quietly dying out, people who are in the middle class have no place to go to get to the upper class, so in the end they fall into the abysis of the lower class. No Jobs, kills the economy, no trade kills the economy, no manufacturing kills the economy, higher taxes will murder America’s Economy and we will never come back from it all. MOre people will find themselves walking the streets of America looking for dumpsters and boxes to sleep in and begging for food. The choices made on November 4th, 2014, by the American People in this election can and will probally hurt more people than ever before. Watch it all happen America, because it will, Republicans are all of what I said above and greedy as hell, so screw the people, they will get their own these Republicans and forget you!


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