Election 2014- Wake UP!

      Election 2014 is Tuesday folks and I want to say something regarding it. Whether you believe President Obama is a decent President or not, Tuesday’s election is vital to the nation. If you vote against the democrats and give control of the Senate and House to the Republicans, they will attack, social security, they will attack Medicare and Medicaid, they will make changes no one wants and never touch Obama Care anyway. They will attack schools and children and so much more and raise taxes everywhere they can, be carefull with it all please.

The Republicans at this stage are the worst party to run the country, they stalemate a President and the country and now you want to give them control of both the House and Senate! It will be a sad day in hell before I would vote that way, the worst Democrat out there makes more sense than any republican today so wake up folks.

You want to make Sense folks, Vote out McConnel and The House Speaker!They have led the most do nothing Congress and Senate in the History of our Country, doing nothing for anyone but themselves and their Republican Party, so they can hurt everyone but their own. Wake Up!

 If The Republicans win, they will put boots on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan again. They will fight every war they can so they can make money off the arms industry. Pay attention folks, it’s true, The Gun Laws will go back to the gun makers favor and so much more. We have nuts killing cops left and right and murdering women and children in our own country and we fail to stop it here, how the hell can we police another country or state like they want us to, we can’t. Wake Up!

I tire of hearing people say well they started it, so I will vote them back in to finish it, thats how we got stuck for four more years with George Bush folks, and how the oil industry advanced so much. Wake Up. This may be the most important Election so far in the 2000’s, do we let the Republicans bog down Congress more, when we all know right now the frontrunner for the Presidency will be Hillary Clinton when she declares, do you really see a Republican who can match her in experience, knowledge, dedication and determination?  do you really see a Republican or Tea Party Candidate who can really win and make a difference, I don’t think so. Who rand Paul/ Ted Cruz, or whoelese. no one they have makes sense, listen to me.

The only way America moves forward from 2014 to 2016 and beyond is the Democrats not the Republicans, listen up and lets make progress and not stalemate ourselves, the country and weaken how other see us as a nation. Vote democratic on Tuesday and in 2016!


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