Halloween/ Election Tuesday!

 Happy Halloween 2014  All!      Please Check anything your children get Trick or Treating carefully and keep them safe. Go with them and only to the people you know or trust, do not take them to strangers. Lets make this halloween a safe one parents ok, for our children are are hearts and souls. Don’t let them eat candy without checking it and making them eat real food ok! 

 That said welcome to October 31st already, yes I know today is Friday and Tuesday is November 4th, 2014 folks. Election Day is here for the mid-terms and if we all have a brain in our heads we will do something about the damn jam up in Washington now before it gets worse. Be smart Americans and remember you tried your experiment last time around and split the House and Senate between two parties making progress impossible for anyone. lets change it America, on Tuesday we must think ahead, do we want jobs, unemployment benefits, Medicare and Medicaid and help for seniors and more? Do we want logic or bullshit in office?  Are you tired of filibusters, and stagnation in government?  Are we going to let the Tea Party and the Republicans stop all action in Washington and forever? Wake up Please and realize, what is wrong now while you can and make it better. 2016 will be next and we will be electing a new President and when we do, do we want to stalemate them before they get in office or do we want to be prepared to improve America? The Choice is yours, yes you the American People decide your own future, Vote Tuesday and Help the country go forward, or shut up and don’t complain when nothing changes! Got it folks, I hope ya do now! 

Final for Today folks, in my lifetime I have experience many things, a rough birth at 10 pounds and nine ounces that almost killed my mom, a battered and bruised childhood, rejection by my own family and kids my age and overcame it all, even my bout of Attention Deficit and Hyper-Activity. I overcame them all and survived, I survived 199 seizures in my first 9 months of life folks, can you say the same. I grew up defending my family, my friends and family. I went on to defend my country for 16 years, becoming a Disabled Veteran onboard a ship in the Navy. So yes I have seen many things folks,so when I tell you the following you should listen carefully. America your children can be anything they want in the world, a doctor, a lawyer, a chemist, or a mother, a sports hero, a soilder, sailor or marine anything, and all they need to know is one thing, if you put you mind to it and stick to it and work it, you will reach it! Never forget That!


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