Dreams and Hopes

      Dreams, we all had them growing up didn’t we, as we were running around in the back yards, woods and streets of America we all dreamed of being someone or something. Some dreamed of being Medical Professionals, Scientists, cartoonist, writers, and handymen. Others dreamed of being lawyers, and so much more, and how many of us actually reach our dreams, very few really, is what I see. We all get sidetracked into other careers or jobs we don’t like or want and are unhappy in, isn’t it true folks?

I remember growing up, I had talents that disappeared and are now forgotten, because life moved me along so fast, I never had the time to stop and smell the roses or think about what I wanted to be. Why, well, society, family,occurrences, peer pressure and so much more. 

Some may have been like me dreaming of being artist, writers, public personality, or even just someone who could help someone else along in life. For me, it didn’t work out for many reasons for sure. I was a child with problems in the 1960s, I was marked and deemed Emotionally Disturbed and Institutionalized for two years. Did I ever overcome it may be your question, yes I did , in many ways, and in someways that experience and those problems still affect every decision I make today. 

So as I grew older, I isolated myself from others for many years, until in my HIgh School years I was found by others and pursued by females. Then I struggled with how to handle that one like most young boys and learned to roll with it and make it happen naturally.

Then at 15 years old, my step-father said something to me one day and it stuck. He told me, son you can be whatever you put your mind to in life, just pick it, stick to it and work at it, you will be fine. Dad had some silly saying over his years, but this one rang true in many areas in my heart and mind and stuck with me for life. Always remember in life you can be whatever you want and do whatever you want and become whoever you want, if your determined and hard working enough. It stuck with me believe me folks.

I went on thru High School days trying to find myself and who I wanted to be and eventually I dropped out of High School, went to work in a factory and broke my ass 80 hours a week to make some bucks. Never once did I think twice about it, until the factory I worked in closed it’s doors and put me out on the street in the 1976. I had no job, no way to find one and what ever I found never fit me anyway, so after floundering around some I joined The Army, then The Army national Guard and Then ultimately The US.Navy. The Military taught me discipline, hard work, pride and doing what is right in life counts. I did my 16 years and then had an accident aboard ship that would get me medically discharged with six herniated discs in my spine. I fought back in many ways with The Governments help at Schooling and much more. Today I write stories, poems, books, and try to help others with this blog I write as often as I can.

I was never emotionally disturbed, I was a child with Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyper-Activity in my youth, yet in the 1960s no one knew what they were yet or how to treat it so I suffered. My time in that Institution, The Children Center which still exists today in Hamden, Connecticut today on Whalley Avenue, changed me. I saw deaths, I saw drugs, destruction behind those fences, I saw attempted suicides and so much more, drug use and more. Children destroying themselves, because they could not deal with the outside world. It scared me, and I fought for two years to get the hell out of that place and did. But, today as a full grown adult man I still think back to it all and wonder why it had to happen. The fates they say rule our world folks, in my case it wasn’t fate, it was alack of caring by parents who wanted me gone is all. I overcame and sit here a accomplished writter, read by many, not making a lot but trying. I did 16 years military and became a disable american veteran and served my country, I overcame by determination and guts folks anyone can.

This is the book cover for my story- The Children Center Lessons and Years


You want to help an old Veteran who is Disabled and Cares buy it and tell us all how you feel about my story!

Thanks for reading my Blog folks


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