Mid-Terms and Changes Needed!

     Welcome to October 28th, 2014, three days till Halloween and one week from the Mid-Term American Elections. While Halloween will bring Trick Trick or Treaters and Parties for many, and sick stomachs and toothaches for children, the election brings more important issues to mind for many of us who will vote.

Connecticut has to make a choice between Malloy and Foley for Governor, and that should be a simple decision even if you don’t like Malloy, Foley is so outlandish and so money grabbing he makes Malloy look good and Malloy is no real bargain either. But, with these two to choose between I will take the lesser of the two evils in Malloy in my book and stay the course.

The mid-term election will count big time this year folks, believe it or not. In two year in 2016 a new President will step into office and will need all the support they can get, and a House and Senate that does nothing will not help them. Use your heads folks, change the Senate and House to match the President you want to see elected so we can move America forward.  This deadlocking Congress in General sucks, people worry now, can Social Security be saved, can medicare and medicaid, can jobs be  created, will our economy continue to go to hell and people stand on street corners begging for food and a place to live, be persistent in America or will we change it? Are we the American People going to let continue this mess we live in?  You drive down the streets in your hometown or city and tel me folks. Don’t you see the homeless begging for a place to live and food to eat and for jobs that are not here? Or do you were blinders like a racing horse and choose to ignore it all?

Manufacturing must be brought back, we need factories to employ our people, innovation for inventions, education for managers and employees and we need to extend unemployment benefits too and food stamps and more. If we can’t provide and create jobs folks, we need to take care of americans here at home before we take care of the world, period.

We rush in to save the world from killing themselves in wars and diseases, and give no thought at all, to the fact we need to save ourselves first before we do it for others!  I know we are the most powerful nation on earth and the world leader in many areas and we are looked up to, but, we are now in trouble ourselves and not paying attention to our own troubles, it’s time to wake up!

We can start the rebuilding of America with some simple steps folks in my opinion. 1) Education, 2) Economic Growth by creating jobs and tax breaks 3) Backing out of Military situations overseas and bring some troops and money and supplies home. 4) Changing Congress, both the house and senate and making it work for us once more for improvements 5) Pushing for creativity, innovation and rebuilding the manufacturing base we were built on at one time and should still be, give companies tax breaks and help to open now plants and factories. Stop playing games and be greedy. Unemployment has to be extended and refinanced to help all out of work, not cut off. 6) Stop the building of brick and mortar stores and malls and realize we don’t need more stores we need more damn jobs. Wake up folks!

You want to help America and Americans folks. educate them, train them for employment, give tax breaks and create innovations, and help one another, not destroy each other any further. Do you all understand, it matters not if you black, white,hispanic,oriental or any other race color or creed, you’re american, first and foremost, and we all need each other to survive and exist in this world today. So wake the hell up please and stop destroying what we stand for and lets get together and move America forward once more in the world and economy.


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