Cross Roads Thoughts!

    A few thoughts come to mind today, some I won’t discuss because they are no ones business so to say, but lets talk what I call cross roads in life. we all have them and don’t realize them all the time, some of us think ah hell it’s just a different way to go and we don’t consider it a cross roads. You want to know what cross roads really are in ones life examine some of the following moments in life for all humans.

Birth is number one that moment you come into the world is a cross roads, between existence and nonexistence right ! One second we are a gleam in daddy or moms mind and the next we are a giggling, crying, hungry baby, waiting on parents to take care of and protect us till we are old enough to do so ourselves. One hell of a cross road ya ask me.

Second, cross road believe it or not is accepting those around you as family. If you don’t you rebell and b life becomes hell for all involved because of you. So Acceptance has to happen first with parents then siblings, so that is one hell of a big one.

Third cross road and I know not many understand or have heard this one before is self acceptance, if you don’t accept yourself and understand that you can do anything anyone else can, then guess what, you become introverted and scared of life, stand up to it all as my step-daddy would have said. Be who you are as a person and you will be fine. Usually happens between the ages of 3 to 5 years old in people. And if your family still doesn’t accept you then ya have family problems all your life.

Fourth cross road, comes near graduation from Elementary School. Are you accepted by the others in your class in school, and does it bother you if you aren’t, cause if not you just hit a big one and things can go sour in your life.

Fifth cross road- Freshman Year High School, bigger classes, more people, and more of trying to fit in and learn all at once. If your rejected as a nerd, or a bully makes no difference your rejected, rebellion or more can occur here. For it is during the ages of 12 to 15, sex becomes a matter and no matter if straight or gay, if your not accepted your in trouble.

Sixth Cross roads, sexual maturity and losing virginity. Peer pressure in High school leads to this and some do have sex just to prove and say they did and not for the right reasons. If you don’t you’re a virgin and outcast, if you do and it’s with the wrong one your reputation in school is ruined for the rest of your time there. So again it can lead to rejection or acceptance and a course change for you.

Each of these cross roads affects how you are seen by the world, your peers, your friends and your so called enemies out in the world. If more come up on the negative side, you end up either shy, introverted or an aggressive asshole who tries to beat the world up period. And in the end, it is not always up to you, but it goes back to the parenting you had growing up. The end result, depends on the beginnings folks, if you grow up and get married it would be wise to watch your children for these cross roads and make sure they transist them carefully and well. The more you do as a parent to help the better for your child in their lives ahead of them!


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