Generational Differences

     Generational Differences, seem to be everywhere in America these days. Many of them come between the children of the 1950s, 1960s eras and the 1980s and forward eras of today. Discipline is one of the primary differences of todays children versus the prior ones. A lack of discipline makes for children who are spoiled, obnoxious,rude, impolite and disrespectful, not to mention vindictive and angry at the world. So we end up today with kids who want everything they see, and can’t take no for an answer and on top of it all want revenge against their own parents, because they didn’t get what they wanted! Sad isn’t it folks, I mean lets face it, when I was a kid in the 1960’s I got erector sets, a microscope, comic books and books, and maybe a sled or bike. There were no computers, gaming systems, Ipads, or any other damn electronic device, like there are today. We  read a book, or played outside each day after school and in the summer, we explored nature and the woods, played ball or hide and seek and such. Today a child sits in front of a computer monitor or a television screen and plays games, on a computer, X-box, PlayStation or Nintendo, why? Ask the kids they will call it modernization and the way it is, ask me I call it the dumbing down of American Kids and the bad habits of current parents to allow their kids to be babysat by the tv or video gaming system. Why don’t we change it, maybe it is because we spoiled them so much today, we have no idea how to break the syndome of doing it over and over again. Sad huh?  I think it’s time parents limit the Television viewing hours to the evenings for kids and make it one or two shows if any at night, Don’t buy them cell phones with internet connections and all kinds of service, just get them a simple one. Limit Gaming time to one day a weekend and limit the hours too.

 Lets Make them read a book and learn, do art and hobbies and build knowledge at home. Lets make them go out in the yard and play with other kids of all colors , races and types so they can handle it when older. Lets teach them trades and science and make a better world instead of falling into the trap of laziness and worse!

That said and done, I give you a link to my list of lil books which range in subject from poems, to murder mysteries, to adventures and romance to check out, all are cheap and small stories. Some are based on real life and are interesting to many, some are funny and some are in between. I hope you will all take a look for yourself and try a few and help an old Disabled Veteran out! Thanks for reading my blog folks, till next time!


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