Remember do nothing. Go NoWhere, take a Chance!

     Across America people cry out for jobs, manufacturing, and ways to make money, yet, they still refuse to do jobs that are regular jobs each day of the week, because the salaries are not good enough to support a family on. Now I do understand that reasoning I really do, yet if you have nothing for a job, isn’t it better to have at least something to bring in money? Why, be so fussy and stupid as to go on zero income because or pride and still not make ends meet each month? I don’t know why some people do this, but they do, refusing to lower themselves to get a restart in an economy that is so bad, people are starving and homeless on America’s streets. Sad isn’t it folks?

Someone must wake up Congress and get their asses moving to build and create jobs, extend Unemployment benefits and give tax breaks to manufacturers across the land once more. If someone doesn’t America will become like Waterbury, Connecticut, a city of empty factories and homeless people begging for coins on corners, and living in cardboard boxes as winter starts once more for 2014. Sad is what America has become, especially cities and towns like Waterbury, Naugatuck and The Valley here. Some will prosper because they continue to push themselves to exhaustion just to survive and pay their bills, many will fail because they can’t push that hard or have too much pride to do so and still many have already failed to do a thing about their status in life. 

A quote comes to mind, when I think of the above all the time, Remember  Nothing Changes, Unless You Make it Change! You don’t take chances and look at avenues different than what you one, you will spin you wheels and never get anywhere!  I have seen people with no hope, find hope and move forward toa better life and I have also seen some who put their eggs in one basket and fail badly. It’s a matter of being open, able to communicate, clean, neat and positive about everything you do. 

America keeps building Malls and Stone and MOrtar building to sell from, but no one has any money to buy anymore! So why the hell are you building malls and more stores, the economy can’t support them? Wake up America!

How many families have any Insurance today other than Obamacare?  How many families have  any money in the bank, or life insurance so their children can bury them properly? How many are over paying for life, car and home insurance out there you tell me folks? Is it right? I don’t think so, but people go without because they know no other way to get where they want to go!

If I can show you a company that can save you money  and lower your costs for insurances, show you how to relieve yourself from debt, bank some money and ultimately get ahead would you be willing to take a chance and do it?  You tell me folks? All I can do is say there is a way if your willing to work for it, learn about it and then apply it!

To Find out How folks, if you Live In Connecticut, and have a car and phone then you can be in! You can E-mail if interested; for information and help, or call 203-910-0118 and ask Melinda to show ya how to do so!  

Remember if you do nothing, your just spinning your wheels and burning rubber for nothing! If you want to catch the Ground and Take off, you Need to change things, or they remain the same!


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