Remember Nothing Changes, Unless you make it!

     Sunday is here folks, and it should be a day of rest for all!  Have a fun day, as my sis says, Sunday is Funday! 

I want to say thank you to all who do read my blog, I know I am not always as articulate as I should be in it, and at times I rant on subjects few can understand or want to hear about, but the point of my blog, is to have my say on things in life, period and to promote my stories, and poems and life in general. So, if anyone objects to what I say in it, feel free to comment as you wish I see them all from the good to the bad to the stupid ones that have nothing to do with my blog.

Now, I want to have a little discussion folks about financial realities in America today. Do you know fewer than 55 percent of Americans have over 500 dollars in the bank?  Do you know, many Americans have no Life Insurance and no money to leave to their children, not even enough money to bury themselves? Do you know how many people are overpaying for Automotive and Home Owner Insurance?  How many americans are out of work today, either without a job and their Unemployment benefits running out and struggling? This is America folks, do we need to see this many homeless, walking our streets, hungry and jobless, struggling in this manner? I think not, but, Americans are  either too stubborn and refuse to take cheaper paying jobs, or to reach out and take a chance on opportunities that come by them and that is sad. Remember something folks, that I believe is true please, God Helps those who help themselves, and if you get off you ass, put your head on straight and are will to work you can do anything you put your mind to and get it done.

Somethings may look like Mission Impossible folks, but they really aren’t! I know people who were hurting for years, lack of funds and jobs and income, and they barely survived. Living pay check to paycheck, week to week, month to month with no way out of the endless rut they were in. Then, someone came along offered them an Opportunity to better themselves, to improve their finances, pay off their bills and get on top. Some grabbed it and went on to become millionaires and others gave up too soon and returned back to the heap of people in big troubles. Which one would you like to be, the one paying off your bills and saving money and getting the vacations, the freedom of time to do as you wish, and to have and feel safe and secure cause you can pay your bills and survive and save too? Or the one that quits or won’t move because you fear taking a chance to improve your situation and position in life?

My wife and I can get you a Financial Analysis and help you understand where you are and how to improve your status in life and in the world! We can help you save money on insurances, and so much more. All we request is you to take a chance to move ahead and listen for one hour to a presentation! 

So here is my offer to you do you have an hour to spare on a Tuesday evening to see a presentation and overview for a powerful company that is growing and helping millions every year? If so, you need to contact us and make an appointment to sit thru at least a one hour presentation and get a free appointment for a financial analysis and see where you stand and if we can help you! Don’t you owe it to yourself, your partners in life and your children and family, to be able to not leave them with bills of yours for burial, or to leave them a business and a nest egg?  Your Choice folks! You can do nothing and everything  stays exactly the same or you can come and see if we can help you earn and own and move forward and improve your own life!

Here is who to Contact and How: Email to; and ask for an appointment 

Call 203-910-0118 for an appointment and Information!

 Remember nothing changes if you don’t make it change!


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