Ebola, Congressional Bullshit!

As we watch before our very eyes Ebola spreads slowly like a river of blood over the surface of a tabletop, if one spilled it! As panic hits African Nations, Spain and now America, we have to calm down and remember, two things about this. 1) We can stop the spread of it by shutting the United States Borders and cremating and burning all property belonging to those who had it here.  2). Being the nation we are with medical facilities like we now have, we also know we can stop Ebola as shown in the two first cases to come home to America and survive prove. It’s a matter of making the antidote folks and how fast it can be made.  Hospitals must enforce procedures that work to isolate these patients as soon as they show up period.  We must never panic or get into hysterical acts or voices and give in to panic period for we are the only nation in the world with the ability to solve the Ebola spread, so just keep working at it and you will see it die off soon enough as long as we all cooperate and listen to medical advice.

That all said and done, for I am not a doctor but a citizen of this country I must turn my concerns to Congress and their lack of movement period. Sadly this Congress will go down in history as the worst in the United states History, we the American People now know this. We need to change it folks come November 4th and the Mid-term elections here.  While our men and women fight battles across the world policing other nations, our congress does nothing to help them. They need equipment if they must do the jobs they are doing, they need training too. But most of all, as Veterans across the country will tell you medical and physiological treatment are needed big time too. We can’t let Congress destroy Veteran’s benefits, or Veteran’s Hospitals, nor can we let them carelessly attack Social security, Medicaid and Medicare either we all don’t make over two hundred grans a year, we served or paid into Social security and now some want to kill it, kiss my ass! People in The United States for decades now since Social Security was invented and put in place have paid billions into it and not Congress says elders are on the dole in America! Kiss our asses you stupid bastards, it was invented for elderly people to have a substantial way to survive after retirement, don’t kill it increase it. 

Don’t try to remove Medicare or Medicaid either you assholes! Stop right where you are and cut your own salaries of which you are not earning a dime of these days.You want to save money pull our military back home, stop giving away and leaving behind our weapons, and our money to other nations. Stop Policing other countries and putting us in losing positions. Wake the hell up Congress your pissing us all off with your lackadaisical attitudes, and your stupidity. How long do you think Americans are going tos it back and let you earn money from weapon deals, political endorsements, and backing of organizations that you back just to make money from or get power from? Wake up, now or get the hell out of office and  let us get a person in who will work for a living for a change to better America at home and abroad!


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