Ebola/ Cancer

     Many and I mean many people in the world suffer from different diseases and medical problems of all types. Those afflicted with breathing problems of any kind need to stay clear of locations where Ebola, might be period. Greater care and isolation procedures must be put into place as quickly as possible to prevent further deaths or infection by Ebola in the USA. I know, if I ever got Ebola it would probably kill me far before the 21 day period was up, my lack of lung capacity would do that to me, since I am a lung cancer survivor and have one less lobe and a third. Between cancer and now the Ebola scare, I am not too sure what chance a man who has survived lung cancer may have, if I were to get ebola. and I sure as hell don’t want to find out, folks ok! As I am sure millions in the world feel the same way as I do, if they have survived any disease that could have killed them, who the hell would want to face another with diminished capacity in any area of their body. The combination of any disease even a cold with Cancer or ebola can be a killer for those whose breathing capacity is diminished folks! Enough said here I am sure on this subject!

Now, I am still writing folks but at a slower rate these days of course, I am working on the story of a hoodlum and his use of fear and stalking tactics, against all who oppose him. When I get to how he fell and lost his way and what happened to him and end the story I will then put it together in a new book for Amazon once more and hope it will sell! In the meantime my other works are still out there on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books for sale. Please give then a try, I know they are not long or the greatest, but I am attempting to learn as I go and can use feedback on them for sure, as well as a few extra bucks if I can earn them from doing them!

As a Disabled Veteran who served his country for 16 years total and keeps ticking I am always trying to do something to survive financially folks. So I sell my little stories as small books and hope some will buy them. Now it hasn’t gone well so far, maybe it’s because I am not too great a writer or because I don’t do stories on subjects most like. I haven’t figured it out as of yet and will keep trying, yet i hope some will review my works and send critical reviews and suggestions to help me along. Am I asking for too much, I hope not folks.

If you wish to send me private messages on my work, or anything I write or say in my blog, comments are appreciated and encouraged by me; Send em to my Yahoo E-mail Address please- DOMCT2002@yahoo.com

Thank You for Reading My Blog Folks!


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