October 15th,2014,  We are now 21 days, from the 2014 mid-term elections, and the same thing keeps happening in Congress, stalemates!  Why?, when will Americans wake up, you divided Congress in half in the last full election, you have to repair it now! The American People made Congress number the way it is, giving the Senate to one party and the House to the other, was a dumb idea, now we as a country suffer for it all. Wake up, Americans please, changes must be made in more areas than one.

First and foremost remove dead weight from Congress in the form of do nothing people, or stalematers, Get rid of John Boehner first and foremost, he has to go down in history as the weakest Majority Leader and Speaker of The House in History. The man does nothing to change the future, hangs on old views, is against same sex, marriage, won’t move on immigrants, won’t create jobs and is the most indecisive Leader The House has ever had or ever will. It’s sad really, then you add characters like Ted Cruz of Texas who believes his only place in our Government is to disrupt and and take down the American People and plans to better them! It’s a sad place right now for the American People.

 Our economy sucks folks, Jobs can not be found by needy people who are trying to survive in America. People live in cardboard boxes in the greatest country in the world because Congress does nothing to help them. Families standing on corners in mall parking lots begging with signs for food, a place to sleep as winter is coming and for jobs that they can not find. Don’t these politicians in America see what the people see, or do they have blinders on? We need to get innovative folks, creative and make the changes in Congress to push our economy forward, our health care forward, our Social security strengthened and Medicare and Medicaid too. we need people in office that are able and concerned enough to change things.Is america being divided into the have s and have nots or what?  We should find a way to bring back manufacturing, to reeducate blue collar workers for white collar jobs as needed and to extend unemployment more for those who have not. Instead  our politicians are concerned not about the american people here, but in other countries we protect for political reasons only, stupid. Look, I feel pity for nations being overrun by terror groups and bad politicians too, and yes I know we are supposed to be the world leader, how about leading us out of our own problems before policing other countries and fighting their wars for them. Pull back our troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and the Middle East, they have been fighting among each other forever and always end up solving it themselves over time anyway. bring that money home and stop policing and fighting over there, put it into the economy here in the United States, use it to educate, create jobs and push innovation and production of American Products for our economy to thrive on.

I have one final push today for all to understand and get straight. When the World trade Towers went down in New York, the Hurricanes hit  in the south, when earthquakes rocked San francisco and Los Angeles or any other natural disaster happened in the United States did you see any other country lend a hand for us?  Yet Japan gets a tsunami,  we run to help them, Italy has an earthquake we are there, South America has an Ebola outbreak and America runs to help. Wars break out in Iraq, Afghanistan, or other countries in the middle east we run in to fight to save them! Do they ever un to save us, nope. Why do it for them? 

 Last Subject Ebola in America! America now faces it’s own Ebola problem as new patients show up at our hospitals and get diagnosed with it. How did we get it here and why? The bottom line folks is we are stupid enough to go battle it for African Nations who can’t, and we accidently get it ourselves, then we come home to cure it cause they can’t over there. Sadly it is our own good nature and caring that has spread it here to us in the United States. We have to make some changes, Mr. President, and Congress! We must first and foremost stop  allowing people from those affected nations into our country by shutting down our borders. Second, we have top establish better protocols for Medical personnel in our hospitals for this virus. we need first and foremost to know all possible symptoms, second have those passed out to all active and inactive medical people. Thirdly, establish isolation procedures to keep the Ebola patient immediately away from everyone else. Fourthly, redesign the protective suit in such a way that it gives sealed full body protection to whoever wears it and treats these patients. Fifthly, we need to build and design contamination showers in all medical facilities, that combine heavy doses of bleach and chlorine water in them so when the medical personnel come out from treating these patients they immediately get washed off before removal of the suits and the suits are destroyed. Sixth, a two man plan or two person plan should be used behind a closed glass see thru door with a microphone to watch them remove the suit and make sure it is done correctly. They can not be let out of the decontamination area until they are fully scrubbed down and rinsed well and all clothing and equipment is sealed in a container. That would stop it from spreading in anyway period.

 https://macattack56.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/new-primerica-ad-for-us/ Help Us help you!



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