Ebola Instructions and Thoughts

    The Weakness of America’s response to the Ebola Disease’s widespread path is stupid! Ebola is a deadly disease that kills big time it is now responsible for over four thousand deaths world wide and spreads faster than hell if precautions are not followed. Doesn’t The CDC and The American Government get it, we now have one dead in Texas, another sick there and now one in Boston, Mass. Wake up!

1)Better procedures are needed immediately to prevent it from spreading, not only in Hospitals but in all medical personnel across the world.  

2) The Government must close our borders, to all flights from the infected nations of Africa and Spain and anywhere else Ebola has spread.

3) All bodies whether human or animal infected with the Ebola Virus must be cremated and turned to ashes to kill it period. Including all clothing and belonging of those infected.

4 ) A two person procedure should be set up to don and take off all protective clothing for medical people, with hot showers with bleach mixed in for full effect on killing the virus. Decontamination Showers can be built with bleach mixed in at  full strength. This way it kills the virus on contact and makes it easier to take the protective clothing off.

5) Anyone exposed to Ebola should be immediately isolated for the twenty one day period needed to  make sure they don’t have it.

The longer the United States and other nations do not enforce in place  the above procedures and stop flights from coming in, is the greater the chance it will spread worldwide and kill not thousands but millions in the end.

Make more vaccine, and use it carefully, and find the damn source in Africa where it all started and eradicate it! We can’t afford to be lackadaisical or slow in our response to this  virus or disease! It kills folks and it does not care if you are young, old, white, black, yellow, purple , green or anything else. Clean hands, shower daily, and stay as far away from sick people as you can. Take no Chances, but, don’t panic yet it can be stopped and beaten if done right!


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