Ebola/ Isis/ 2014 Elections/2016 Presidential Election Thoughts

     As October 2014 rolls along, too many thing are going on in the world to mention in one blog post, in case anyone hasn’t noticed. 1)Ebola is spreading it is now in The United states and Spain and who knows where else. Isn’t it time to shut down the borders and eradicate it by isolation and attacking it in return with chemicals and much more? we must protect America, Americans, our children and our way of life.

    Isisl’ progress in Iraq needs attention and needs to be halted by any means possible. These animals, need to be killed off like a rabid animal with rabies. They infect more and their ranks grow, we need to isolate, eradicate and destroy anything that looks like them and all of these cold, cruel hearted bastards. I know no one will agree with me in what I am about to say, but, I believe firmly the mid-east of Iraq, Iran and Syria and the whole area needs reforming with different populations. If Isil can not be stopped by air strikes, America does not want to enter a new ground war, so I suggest find the oil fields belonging to Isis and lets make a damn parking lot out of them and watch them burn, away anyway of financing Isis. Lets flatten the deserts and take the oil for ourselves if we go in and then firmly place America in the middle of the dam area to stabilize it period. That My Opinion, I know it sounds crazy and radical, but so does all these Isis’s bastards are doing. Sometimes, you have to stoop to the level of the adversary to defeat them, like we did with The Nazis of World War 2.

  Third subject for today, the elections of 2014 in approximately two weeks. As the elections close in on us and we get closer to determining America’s political future and direct we need to make intelligent choices folks. we can’t keep the Senate and The House in two different parties, nor can we have a President of one party with no assistance from a congress of the other, it stalemates American Progress period, wake the hell up! You want to do something this November 4th, in this election, remove Republicans from office who have filibustered us to a dead stop, a republican Majority Leader Of the House who does nothing, and all who block all progress for America. John Boehner is The Majority Leader of The House and Speaker, yet he allows stalemating of the government actions needed to help create american jobs, improve the economy and health care, why? Should we as Americans have the right and power to get progress without being fully blocked by this man and his political party? We should also dump Ted Cruz and remove his ass from office he is an idiot in my opinion who has destroyed America just to stay in political office. These people believe they are doing what is right when in fact they halt progress, advancement and improvements period and come up with no alternatives. It’s a sad commentary of the current state of American Politics when they can get away with what they’re doing! Period, we the people have the ability to change it all.

Fourth subject- The coming Presidential election for 2016’s pick for President. We all have heard creaks, cracks and weird noises from the Republican Party on candidates they may put up as an opposition to the Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton. None have her knowledge, decision making process, abilities to manage and stand tall. None of them have Hillary’s smarts, her savvy, her respect in politics and in the world. So who are the Republicans fooling, the bottom line is they have no new ideas, no new candidates, or any ideas to protect the country, improve health care, education, or create jobs, their idea and plan is to let it dig it’s own way out of recession, bullshit! Look certain things must be addressed by our next President, First and foremost, our position in the world must be restored as it’s democratic leader. Second our economy must be faced and improved by creating jobs, investing in improving and creating factories and business and creating products the world must use and have.Our economy sucks folks lets face it, jobs are hard to find, money is tight, brick and mortar stores are shutting down and yet more malls are built for what? Are we that illogical to build malls and stores when there is no money to spend in them. Hillary sees this I am sure. Secondly, where else will you get a two for one deal, a current President and a past in the White House at the same time. Bill will advise her and council her as needed and that is a positive for all of us period. If India and other nations can have a Female President and Leader why not America? Besides if you think you have a Republican to lead better than Hillary Rodham Clinton can, then your drunk, on drugs or just plain sick! I don’t care if rand Paul says he will run, or if Ted Cruz says he might, or any othe republican or  tea Party candidate, there do not have Hillary’s experience, her knowledge or her abilities, nor do they have her resources and resilience  either. So I say Vote HIllary Rodham Clinton and lets move America Forward in Progress and more.


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